December 25, 2023

The Battle Beyond: Fighting and Winning the Coming War in Space

In The Battle Beyond, authors Paul Szymanski and Jerry Drew take readers beyond the globe and into the outer atmosphere to present strategies for warfare in space. This is not a compendium of theory and conjecture, as some might assume. Instead, the authors aim to present an actual playbook, akin to Sun Tzu’s The Art […]


November 21, 2023

Common Sense to the Nth Degree

In his Common Sense to the Nth Degree, Roger Shuman proposes solutions to “some basic problems” which, he feels, “we either cannot recognize…or feel powerless to do anything about.” This approach neatly references the original Common Sense wherein Thomas Paine declares that “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial […]


November 7, 2023

The Free Market Manifesto!

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels envisioned a revolution where the workers would seize control of social forces and bring about a “dictatorship of the proletariat.” Author Kareim A. Haqq offers a manifesto diametrically opposed to Marx’s. Whereas Marx envisioned a period where power would be centralized in the State, Haqq offers […]


August 28, 2023

Ending Wars on Uganda’s Children

This first-person account from a clinical psychologist tells of the attempts of a small group of American women to improve the educational opportunities of the children of war-ravaged Uganda.

The women, calling themselves “The Team,” working with Ugandans, begin in the States, setting up a nonprofit to receive donations and arranging their passage to Africa. […]


August 22, 2023

Pyschosocial Political Dysfunction of the Republican Party

In this volume, Daniel B. Brubaker examines the Republican Party from a psychosocial viewpoint, noting what he sees as its many disorders.

Brubaker, who calls himself “one of the only truly progressive Republicans,” posits that the Republican Party has lost its way. His chapter titles—including “Psychology of Represented Personality Disorder Associated with Republicans” and “Fascism […]


June 13, 2023

The Nature of Good Government

H. Doyle Smith explores resolutions to some of the nation’s greatest struggles in government and economics in The Nature of Good Government.

Drawing from the Bible’s Ten Commandments and his experience in a variety of careers (Army service at the Pentagon, managing a department store, CPA, auditor and more), Smith offers his perspective on how […]


April 4, 2023

Kissinger’s Betrayal: How America Lost the Vietnam War

In this informative book, Stephen B Young makes a fulsome argument that Henry Kissinger abandoned our allies in Vietnam long before he negotiated the 1973 Paris Peace Accords.

As Richard Nixon’s national security advisor starting in 1969, the controversial Kissinger led the administration’s support for Nationalist South Vietnam in its defensive war against Communist North […]


March 21, 2023

Speaking While Female: 75 Extraordinary Speeches by American Women

In Speaking While Female, Dana Rubin assembles a comprehensive anthology of vibrant female voices from over 200 years of American history.

Female orations, explains Rubin, were rarely published and generally excluded from the mostly male canon of America’s historical speeches. But women, too, were eyewitnesses to injustice and had something to say about it, she […]


February 14, 2023

The Human Paradox

In this exciting and exceedingly well-written book, Gilbert E. Mulley illuminates how a host of problems humankind faces today are connected and proposes a credible (if not imminent) framework to address them.

Mulley, a retired writer-editor, succinctly describes sources of problems like diminishing natural resources, pollution, poverty and racism. While most of his examples come […]


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