August 8, 2022

Branding Democrats: A Top-to-Bottom Reimagining of Campaign Strategies

Democrats won the White House and a Congressional majority in 2020 by a thin margin. President Biden’s approval ratings remain low, and political prognosticators question the party’s chances in the 2022 mid-term elections. Why the gloom when Democrats are the majority party?

The reason for their woes, claim this father/son team, is poor branding. They […]


July 11, 2022

For the Hurt of My People: Original Conservatism and Better, Simpler Healthcare

All Americans are health insecure, writes family practice physician, author and healthcare activist Joseph Q. Jarvis. Whether it’s for their own healthcare or that of family members, Americans are forced to deal with a profit-driven, fundamentally broken healthcare system.

Americans already tax themselves enough to deliver basic healthcare to all, the author notes, yet the […]


November 22, 2021

Different Essays: (They’re Certainly Different)

In Different Essays, Australian writer Charles Pinwill alternatively refers to himself as a “mongrel dog” and “an essayist on the verge of sanity,” by way of indicating he doesn’t accept many of society’s norms and intends to shake other people out of “the confinement of (their) conditioned (shells).”

Pinwill’s pieces focus on politics, economics, and […]


November 22, 2021

Government 2.0

“Governments around the world are going broke with debt. The credit card is almost maxed out,” declares author Joseph Albert Gorski in his Government 2.0. He believes that a major cause of these woes is “fiat money,” the government monopoly on currency that allows it to print money at will, untethered by a gold standard […]


December 28, 2020

Defending Trump: A Debate on the Trump Presidency in Real Time

If anyone, say 60 years from now, stumbled upon Stephen Barry and Marc Lieberman’s Defending Trump, he would find a characteristic sample of the attitudes, indignations, furies and hopes surrounding the 45th president of the United States. Spanning the days between July 29, 2017 and April 12, 2020, Defending Trump is a collection of texts […]


October 5, 2020

Eternal Vigilance

The left-right polarity in U.S. politics revolves around two views of government. Does government intervention in the economy, e.g. through social programs, help or hinder? For Ralph Bayrer, it’s clearly the latter. Bayrer’s book is a sustained argument in favor of small government, free market conservatism.

Bayrer begins by making a case for what he […]


August 24, 2020

Recovering American Liberty, Volume 1: Rediscovering the Principles of Just Government

In this timely tome, authors Robert Lowry and Dagne Florine argue at length that America’s transformation into “humanistic democratic socialism” constitutes a threat to liberty as great as any foreign or domestic enemy.

Americans are treading this dangerous path, they write, because they no longer believe that the inalienable “natural” rights of “life, […]


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