September 19, 2022

Fairies and Dragons

A young dragon just learning to fly discovers the land of fairies in Nancy Benson’s picture book Fairies and Dragons.

Hunter, a dragon sent out by his father to practice flying, finds himself tired and stranded in territory he doesn’t recognize. Luckily, Hunter meets a group of fairies, including young Sylvie, who comfort Hunter and […]


September 5, 2022

When I Was Young

Joe Estacio’s When I Was Young is a picture book in which the speaker reflects about his childhood.

The story begins: “When I was young, we’d go outside and play with our friends after school and on weekends. In the summer […] we’d ride bikes, and climb jungle gyms and trees at the park.”

It […]


August 12, 2022

Claudia Builds a Bridge for Bruno

Spotlighting a girl and her rescue dog, Claudia Builds a Bridge for Bruno touches on the impact of isolation as well as the time and attention it takes to earn trust from another.

In this rhyming picture book, we meet Claudia. After years of Claudia asking for a dog, her parents finally agree. Claudia chooses […]


August 8, 2022

The Girl and the Bear

A girl and bear who were best friends as youngsters have an emotional reunion as adults in this gentle children’s picture book.

The story introduces a girl and bear cub (called “Girl” and “Bear”) who enjoy playing, telling stories, sitting in a big oak tree, and visiting the ocean. They promise to be best friends […]


July 23, 2022

A Bully-Bad Day

A boy and his dog deal with a sudden influx of bullying and bad-natured animal guests in the charming picture book A Bully-Bad Day.

The story’s protagonists, a young boy and his dog Stanley, hear strange sounds outside their window. They are then greeted by a fantastic, disturbing sight: a host of exotic creatures invading […]


July 4, 2022

Great-Grandpa and the Magic Locket

A boy is given a gift that allows him to see the hidden magic inside other people in the children’s picture book Great-Grandpa and the Magic Locket.

Jimmy isn’t thrilled to be going with his mother to visit his great-grandfather. Then, turning down Great-Grandpa’s driveway, their car seems to become a boat and the road […]


June 27, 2022

Love Your Selfie

Love Your Selfie is a picture book featuring three pre-teen friends who start an initiative to help their classmates gain confidence in the face of social media pressure.

Best friends Lauren, Lisa, and Nicole post selfies on their social media channels while preparing for their first day of middle school. Nicole is shocked when one […]


May 30, 2022

The Adventures of Jackson: The young field mouse

In this picture book, a young, lost mouse must ask for help.

As this story begins, Jackson, a field mouse with a dashing blue scarf, finds himself lost. He knows his parents are with his Uncle Nester in a far-off castle, but he has no idea where that is.

To find the way, he talks […]


May 23, 2022

Alice and Jack Hike the Grand Canyon

Two children prepare for, and later complete, a challenging hike at one of the wonders of the natural world in the children’s picture book Alice and Jack Hike the Grand Canyon.

Alice, a girl who enjoys family trips with her parents and younger brother, narrates the story of their vacation to Grand Canyon National Park […]


May 9, 2022

Violette, Your Shoes are on Backward!

A preschool-age girl discovers why it’s a good idea to wear shoes the correct way in the picture book Violette, Your Shoes Are On Backward!

Violette’s mother often tells her that she’s wearing her shoes backward. It’s an event that happens every day, but that doesn’t seem to bother Violette. The book traces her daily […]