May 28, 2024

Joe Learns to Listen

In this rhyming story, a chatty boy makes a new best friend with a dog who loves his company, even if others find his monologue overwhelming.

Joe cannot stop talking. Even his parents tire of it, and his teacher is sometimes so frustrated “she could scream.” His parents decide that the solution isn’t to tell […]


April 30, 2024

The Ball at the Circus

In Jennifer Corcoran and Jennifer M. Perkins’ picture book, The Ball at the Circus, a ringmaster and a group of daring circus animals stand atop each other to create a whimsical, wobbly tower.

The fun starts with a single, colorful, striped circus ball. “This is the ball at the circus,” reads the text. On the […]


February 21, 2024

Mr. Mouthful and the the Monkeynappers

When a man who doesn’t know the meaning of brevity finds his pet monkey rescued from thieves by a group of children, he’s left nearly speechless.

Mr. Mouthful, described as “our favorite fancy-pants,” uses long and sometimes unconventional words that lead to gaps in understanding for those around him. He also happens to have a […]


February 20, 2024

The Songbird: An Unlikely Song

The tale of Adam, Eve, and God’s promise to mankind is seen through the eyes of a songbird in Cherie Smith’s picture book The Songbird: An Unlikely Song.

On the fifth day of creation, “The Most High God” creates the birds. All creatures are made to be extraordinary in different ways, the book states, and […]


February 6, 2024

There’s a Gong in My Fishbowl

Mischievous monkeys introduce an unexpected element to their animal orchestra in the children’s picture book There’s a Gong in My Fishbowl.

Members of the animal orchestra arrive to rehearse, along with their conductor, a crow who soon barks out orders: “Clarinet! Oboe! And you, too, Miss Flute!/ I’d sure like to hear all your very […]


January 30, 2024

Molly Meadow’s Christmas Wish

A story about a girl who loves Christmas and finds the true meaning of the season, Molly Meadow’s Christmas Wish encourages readers to reflect on what makes the holiday special.

Molly loves all the Christmas trappings: the tree, decorations, cookies and presents. But she’s also a reflective girl who wants to learn more about how […]


January 8, 2024

Torro, the Silly Parrot

A fun-loving parrot enjoys life with his owner in Virginia Loving Pope’s picture book Torro, the Silly Parrot.

Purchased in a “faraway place” by a young woman, Torro the parrot is brought to the U.S. He enjoys imitating the sounds that humans make and also likes to ride vacuum cleaners, play with toys, and snuggle […]


January 8, 2024

The Secret Life of Bears

A story meant to help early readers understand their relationship to Jesus, The Secret Life of Bears presents him as a friendly father figure who is “like a teddy bear” but alive.

The narrative is presented in the voice of a young, anthropomorphic bear who praises his “Dad” for being generous, smart, funny, and always […]


January 1, 2024

Corky Tails: Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush: Holly Berry and Mistletoe

A woman is gifted two corgi puppies by a helpful fairy in this children’s Christmas story, Corky Tails: Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush: Holly Berry and Mistletoe.

The tale begins with “the Young Miss,” a ranch owner, thinking about the coming winter. With an injured knee, she worries about completing necessary tasks, including […]


December 25, 2023

The Clitter-Clatter of Chloe’s Clogs

In this children’s picture book, young Chloe loves her wooden clogs and can be heard wherever she goes when she’s wearing them.

Chloe enjoys the sound her clogs make as she walks around town. All the animals along the way, from cows at the nearby farm to monkeys in the zoo, hear her coming and […]