December 13, 2022

A Healing Guide to Having a Baby: Infertility, Emotional Wounds and Taking Back Your Power

In this self-help book, an inspirational coach proposes a course of breathwork, visualization, affirmations, gratitude practice, journaling, and yoga to overcome physical and emotional blockages to a healthy pregnancy and successful birth.

Even if IVF has failed, a pregnancy has ended in miscarriage, or you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis or blocked fallopian tubes, Jennifer Coady […]


December 28, 2020

Fathering the Fatherless

Todd Johnson uses his book to encourage fathers to be active, present, godly examples in their children’s lives to combat the epidemic of fatherlessness and its long-lasting damage to society.

Johnson never knew his father. By age 17 he was a pot-smoking high school dropout, abandoning his own child. Johnson attributes many of his failures […]


October 12, 2020

Meet Carey Jones: Healing and Support for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Practical Help for Parents and Educators

In Meet Carey Jones, author Christie Somes draws on her own experience to provide information for survivors, parents and educators about childhood sexual abuse.

While Somes begins with a brief personal account of abuse she suffered and weaves details of her subsequent healing process throughout, this is not a memoir. Designed as a roadmap for […]


September 30, 2019

Rise Before the Son: Advice for Single Mothers on Raising Successful Boys

In Rise Before the Son: Advice for Single Mothers on Raising Successful Boys, single mother Jenieka L. Pearson promises a roadmap to build trust and communication with sons, along with support and guidance to other mothers walking that sometimes lonely and difficult path.

Although divided into 12 chapters, including “The Choice is Yours,” “Sacrifice for […]


September 23, 2019

From Despair to Hope: Survival Guide for Bereaved Parents

Nine years of her own evolution from devastation to acceptance, Linda Zelik offers this valuable book to aid other parents grieving the sudden death of a child.

Linda and her husband had no time to prepare for the shock of her 24-year-old son Kevin’s death by asphyxiation. “The next three years were the […]


September 23, 2019

Am I Cactus?: Successful Parenting After an Assault

With Am I Cactus?, Peter Vale tackles the difficult subject of child rape and molestation.  According to Vale, his book is composed of an amalgam “of real-life examples…a compound of truth and fiction.”  The book’s primary purpose, Vale indicates, is to demonstrate how victims may be “empowered to move from victim status to survivor….”



September 2, 2019

Richard and the Boyz: The Puberty Experience

Educator, marriage and family therapist and founder of Doc N Jock, a company aimed at enhancing awareness of male issues, author Nadine Pierre-Louis is also the single mom of two boys. When it came time for The Talk about puberty, she realized she was woefully unprepared. She created Richard and the Boyz to help […]


August 26, 2019

The Baby Decision: How to Make the Most Important Choice of Your Life

Since the 1984 debut of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, considered the go-to “bible” on pregnancy, there’s been a need for an equally authoritative guide on whether or not to have children. The Baby Decision: How to Make the Most Important Choice of Your Life is that book.

After publishing her first […]


July 29, 2019

The Resiliency Puzzle

Julie Fisher’s advice and interactive, customizable action plans, detailed in her book, The Resiliency Puzzle, aim to help parents raise resilient children in today’s isolated, tech-driven culture.

Fisher’s work stems from her concern that the average 21st century youth is “overwhelmed, overstressed, overtired, and overloaded.” She addresses an eye-opening list of problems—the “influence of technology,” […]


June 3, 2019

Infant Inspiration: Insights that Encourage Serenity & Awe

In this inspirational work for new mothers, Amy Collins explores the lessons babies teach their moms.

When her daughters were infants, Collins journaled about life from a unique perspective: She recorded what she learned from the baby! In this brief book, she presents her findings in bite-sized chapters to help other moms find […]