January 23, 2024

Lost Grove: Part One

Lost Grove is a modern-day small-town supernatural mystery focusing on the enigmatic death of local college-girl Sarah Elizabeth Grahams and the subsequent investigation into her demise.

The novel commences with the macabre discovery of Sarah Elizabeth’s body on a beach, followed by the introduction of former San Francisco Police Department homicide-detective Seth Wolfe. Seth, who […]


November 22, 2023

Old Scores

A.J. Harrison’s Old Scores is an action-packed thriller utilizing elements of vampire fiction, paranormal fantasy, and horror in a story about a Chicago-based bloodsucker who becomes caught between a brutal conflict between two ancient vampires.

Simon Melas is a vampire living in Chicago who is strangely attracted to Anita Rothard, a university student whom he […]


November 14, 2023

Azazel’s Public House

Marc Arginteanu’s horror novel Azazel’s Public House offers readers a twisted, macabre ride.

Set in the 1980s, the story is told through the eyes of a rotating cast of characters, including: high-handed neurosurgeon Tommy, who has a secret he’s keeping from his wife Mary; 15-year-old Carl; and 15-year-old Gina, whose mother is in a coma. […]


August 14, 2023


This collection of short stories quietly muses on the construct of time and how we cope with what’s lost.

Each story deals in some way with the past and how it intrudes, sometimes literally, on the present. In some stories, traveling across eras is a way for a narrator to learn more about a loved […]


April 11, 2023

Black Shadow Detective Agency: Demon for Hire

Count S.A. Olson’s Black Shadow Detective Agency: Demon for Hire is the quirky and highly entertaining second book in the author’s Black Shadow Detective Agency series.

Demon for Hire centers on Jason Black, whose mother was a human witch and whose father was a Daemon (although “demon” is used in the title, the book itself […]


January 17, 2023

Dark Blood Awakens

Michelle Corbier’s Dark Blood Awakens is an inventive paranormal urban fantasy, the first in the Mwindaji series.

Protagonist Makeda Crawford, 23, and her family live in Black Ridge, North Carolina. Her two brothers help Dad in the family furniture trade, Makeda is a nurse, and Mom is a teacher. However, they are also mwindaji — […]


October 20, 2022

A Portion of Malice: Ages of Malice, Book I

Lloyd Jeffries’ first installment in his Ages of Malice saga is a fusion of arcane thriller and apocalyptic fiction that follows a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist as he becomes entangled in a potentially world-ending conflict between immortals.

Although Emery Merrick has won two Pulitzer Prizes, his personal life is in shambles. After drug and alcohol abuse […]


March 28, 2022

The Navajo Event: Proof of God’s Existence

Rick Fishman’s humorous novella, The Navajo Event, involves a miraculous healing and the reaction it spurs in others.

The tale is mostly told through the eyes of Roland Green, father of Carli. During a terrible fire in Carli and her husband Marty’s apartment, Marty dies and Carli suffers a crushed spine and burns over 30 […]


February 21, 2022


Daniel James takes the ghost story to a new level in his compelling novel Hourglass.

The book’s Prologue introduces Konstantin Kozlov, a Russian monk who has long been kept in a Siberian prison and is now being flown somewhere in a private jet. Like bees in a hive, a group of dead soldiers inhabit Kozlov’s […]


December 27, 2021

The Crystal Skull: A Sentinel 10 Novel

In Daniela Valenti’s latest paranormal romance, The Crystal Skull, two protagonists with supernatural powers struggle with relationship issues while investigating attacks on others like them.

Amanda and her fiancé James are celebrating their engagement in Mexico when they encounter an evil shadow. Both Amanda and James are Sentinels, psychic/magic warriors who fight evil in the […]


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