March 28, 2022

The Navajo Event: Proof of God’s Existence

Rick Fishman’s humorous novella, The Navajo Event, involves a miraculous healing and the reaction it spurs in others.

The tale is mostly told through the eyes of Roland Green, father of Carli. During a terrible fire in Carli and her husband Marty’s apartment, Marty dies and Carli suffers a crushed spine and burns over 30 […]


February 21, 2022


Daniel James takes the ghost story to a new level in his compelling novel Hourglass.

The book’s Prologue introduces Konstantin Kozlov, a Russian monk who has long been kept in a Siberian prison and is now being flown somewhere in a private jet. Like bees in a hive, a group of dead soldiers inhabit Kozlov’s […]


December 27, 2021

The Crystal Skull: A Sentinel 10 Novel

In Daniela Valenti’s latest paranormal romance, The Crystal Skull, two protagonists with supernatural powers struggle with relationship issues while investigating attacks on others like them.

Amanda and her fiancé James are celebrating their engagement in Mexico when they encounter an evil shadow. Both Amanda and James are Sentinels, psychic/magic warriors who fight evil in the […]


March 17, 2021

Tales from Ara, Book 1: Into the Unknown

Tales from Ara: Into the Unknown is writing team Gleem’s first fantasy novel concerning romance writer Harlette, lost in the elvish world of Ara.

When 19-year-old Harlette is sucked through a mirror in her bedroom, wearing only underwear, a bathrobe, and stiletto heels, she finds herself in a forest, attacked by giant ants. Harlette is […]


March 15, 2021

Double Vision

In Double Vision, author Hamelin Bird offers an engaging hard-boiled mystery with a supernatural twist.

In present-day North Carolina, Mike Lunsmann is a burned-out former detective who requested his own demotion after his marriage fell apart due to his alcoholism. The novel follows Mike as he becomes obsessed with the mysterious disappearance of several adolescent […]


December 31, 2020

The Witches Hollow

Dark, haunting, and unique, S.A. Scarlet’s The Witches Hollow takes readers on a twisting supernatural and erotic journey.

When destitute alcoholic Arthur Montesque receives a strange letter about a new job paying a life-changing sum, he’s so anxious to improve his life that he doesn’t research what this job actually entails. A bizarre limo ride […]


September 28, 2020

Soul Seeker

Kaylin McFarren’s new novel, Soul Seeker, is a dark paranormal fantasy. It adeptly blends romance and horror while focusing on the relationship between two main characters.

Crighton is Lucifer’s number-one soul collector, gathering souls for Lucifer so that he can eat them, and he’s done some exceedingly evil things. Meanwhile, Ariel is a young, idealistic […]


August 3, 2020

The Awakening

Anne Williams’ novel tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who is selected for an elite boarding school for those who are magically affiliated with the elements of water, fire, air and earth.

Choosing the affiliate of water, Emily shares a room in the water dorm with Ashley, who becomes her bestie. Emily soon learns […]


August 3, 2020


Shane Boulware’s Soulstealer, Book 1: Nythan tells the eerie tale of a man inhabited by a soul-sucking demon.

Nythan Dwienz is a cadet in the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps studying at a Florida college when he kills a homicidal burglar in his home. Once the burglar dies, a weird mist enters Nythan’s body, […]


March 9, 2020

The Blazing

Though Buffy M. Brinkley’s The Blazing is billed as a “vampire story,” its central theme is the triumph of true love.

Richard Ambrose is a vampire intent on sparing innocent lives. Despite the influence of Malcolm, his brother who has no qualms about slaying human beings for food, he targets only those who commit crimes.



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