January 11, 2021

From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena (Revised and Updated)

Eight years ago, A.R. Roberts published From Adam to Omega, a thought-provoking look at the UFO phenomena, in which, after listing myriad UFO sightings and visitations, he attempted to explain how extra-terrestrials had influenced most, if not all, biblical events. The revised edition expounds on those events and adds his conjectures concerning the visitations’ purpose, […]


February 10, 2020

Consciousness and the Alien Mind: A Spiritual Journey to Other Dimensions

In Consciousness and the Alien Mind, a lifelong psychic channels his spirit guides—humanoids from elsewhere in our galaxy who want to communicate how we on Earth can access a higher consciousness.

Robert Lomax’s primary spirit guide is Antemedi from Andromeda. Antemedi introduces Lomax to Arksar and Orlacka, among others, who each take turns explaining how […]


October 29, 2018

You Are Here for a Reason

Celeste Gianni has long thought of writing about her health struggles, extrasensory ability, and strength to survive. She just knew—“forces from the other side” told her— that the book she would eventually complete wouldn’t be a smash hit but would transmit her messages. This is a fair assessment of You Are Here for a Reason.



November 27, 2017

My Mother in Law … the Hearse!

Our limited knowledge of the afterlife makes it ripe for speculations ranging from the serious to the downright ridiculous. In My Mother in Law…the Hearse!, author Otto Baron has raunchy fun in the style of Christopher Moore with a deceased villain so driven on revenge she…well, you can probably guess from the title.


May 15, 2017

The Theory of Material Mind

In The Theory of Material Mind, Philip Hodgetts conveys experiences with various paranormal phenomena and synthesizes a theory to attempt to explain them.

Hodgetts suggests that all living things are connected by what he calls “psychoplasma,” which is in turn composed of bioplasma secreted by the cells of every living being. Additionally, a distinct consciousness […]


January 31, 2017

UFOs: What is the Government Really Covering Up?

UFOs is A.R. Roberts’ second book concerning his hypotheses on UFO phenomena. In the nearly 500-page From Adam to Omega (2014), Roberts discussed dozens of previously reported abduction stories and a myriad of other sightings and reports, including his own experience as a boy, in addition to his broader thoughts on the subject.

In this […]


November 28, 2016

The Paranormal: True Stories and the Outcomes

This nonfiction examination of divination—using supernatural means to foretell the future and solve problems of the past or present—adopts a serious, although optimistic, tone, including many stories that involve communicating with the dead to resolve unfinished business.

Divided into two parts, the book begins by explaining paranormal communication, including various types of readings: psychics, tarot […]


November 28, 2016

Vehicles of Asgard

In Vehicles of Asgard, William Hall Watson suggests that some of man’s ancestors were not from this world.

Watson draws on numerous sources, from the Bible and Rig Veda to newspaper articles, in order to present his ideas. He writes in a conversational tone as he explores such varied topics as creation myths, alien visitations, […]


September 29, 2014

From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena

A.R. Roberts first spotted a UFO when he was a volunteer in the Ground Observer Corps (GOC) during the Cold War in 1954. The GOC scanned the skies when on duty Friday nights, reporting all aircraft flying over the area to an Air Force Filter Center. Now Roberts has compiled his discoveries and conjectures from […]


May 7, 2012

UFO: Angels and the Mayan Calendar

In his UFO: Angels and the Mayan Calendar, Gerardo Santos mixes the mythologies of Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia and others with quotations from the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation plus interpretations of the Mayan calendar to come up with hypotheses concerning the creation of the human race, UFO phenomena and the end of life […]