July 18, 2023

Flameless Liquid Cremation

For years, the customary practice of disposing of dead bodies has been either burial or incineration. In Flameless Liquid Cremation, author Hal Peters explains why these traditional methods are economically and environmentally unsound.

Peters describes alkaline hydrolysis (the titular Flameless Liquid Cremation), a water-based method that the author explains is a more environmentally responsible, more […]


March 21, 2023

Open For Interpretation: A Doctor’s Journey Into Astrology

As a medical student questioning whether she was on the right path, Alicia Blando yearned for what she called a “rule book for life.” Four decades later, she’s written that rulebook, based on astrology and titled Open for Interpretation.

Blando writes that she was first attracted to astrology as a teenager, when she discovered horoscopes […]


February 14, 2023

The Human Paradox

In this exciting and exceedingly well-written book, Gilbert E. Mulley illuminates how a host of problems humankind faces today are connected and proposes a credible (if not imminent) framework to address them.

Mulley, a retired writer-editor, succinctly describes sources of problems like diminishing natural resources, pollution, poverty and racism. While most of his examples come […]


February 21, 2022

Isn’t It Kind of Funny That…

Jerry Schaefer’s latest book Isn’t It Kind of Funny That… includes questions and comments intended to spark personal reflection.

The book is a mix of elements. Some pages ask a question that takes its cue from the title, such as “Isn’t it kind of funny that…we do not take seriously someone who is smiling or […]


December 6, 2021

Journey’s End, Part 1: Heartfelt Stories of Death and Dying

With Journey’s End, editors Victoria Brewster and Julie Saeger Nierenberg offer a valuable sourcebook on death and dying.

The editors begin by offering context to the subject, with chapters discussing: how people experience the process of death, hospice and palliative care, what constitutes a “good death,” and the COVID pandemic.

These are followed by essays […]


February 2, 2021

Concerning the Nature and Structure of Concept

In 1989, Winston Perez had a revelation. While reviewing a new design for a newspaper he published, he discovered the basis of a discipline he calls Concept Modeling. Concept Modeling takes any idea—be it a new product or a movie franchise—and breaks it down to the underlying conceptual building-blocks that define it. His book provides […]


January 4, 2021

Funny Thing Is: A Guide to Understanding Comedy

Funny Thing Is, by philosopher and playwright Stephen Evans, is a witty, insightful look at what constitutes and characterizes comedy. With its accessible style and straightforward approach, it follows in the vein of Harry Frankfurt’s popular philosophy work On Bullshit but hews closer to the literary style of continental philosophy than the anglophone analytical tradition […]


January 4, 2021

Black Family Reunions: Finding the Rest of Me

This inspiring book comprises short, engaging stories about dozens of black families’ reunion traditions, as well as a “how-to” guide any extended family can use to plan a lively event and strengthen its bonds.

Dr. Ione D. Vargus is affectionately known as the “Mother of Family Reunions,” having founded the Family Reunion Institute in 1990 […]


November 30, 2020

You’re A Worthwhile Person in More Ways Than A Million!

In a society awash in narcissistic self-absorption, Simeon W. Johnson offers an alternative: In You’re A Worthwhile Person, he seeks to bring attention and appreciation to “the unsung heroes of everyday life.”

The author focuses on the people who work behind the scenes to make our lives easier. His book is broken down into 11 […]


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