January 31, 2023

Overcoming: Personal Journey of Courage

In this brief memoir, Dokk Elle shares the struggles of poverty to prove that education, hard work, a positive attitude, and faith in God can bring about great change.

Elle – aka Larry Seawright – was born into an impoverished family. His biological father was a respected trustee in the local church, husband and father […]


January 23, 2023

That’s How Strong My Love Is: From Rock-n-Roll to James Dean

David Loehr’s That’s How Strong My Love Is is both a memoir and hagiography of growing up loving rock music and, later, the 1950s movie star James Dean.

The author grew up in western Massachusetts in the early 1960s, where he got hooked on AM Top 40 radio. By decade’s end, he was living in […]


January 19, 2023

Meet Dave Lassam: The Man for the Job

Dave Lassam’s congenial memoir covers his service in the Royal Australian Navy from his induction as a recruit medic in 1978 to his retirement as a lieutenant commander in 2016. Lassam’s focus is on the ships, bases and naval procedures as he describes his training and subsequent postings.

Some of the highlights of his service […]


January 17, 2023

Inferno! And the Miracles of the Colorado Marshall Fire

Tom Gormley’s Inferno! And the Miracles of the Colorado Marshall Fire recaps the devastation wrought by the massive December 30, 2021 fire that swept through Boulder County, Colorado. “In a little over four hours,” writes Gormley, the Marshall Fire, “fueled by high velocity Chinook winds, burned 6,026 acres, consumed 1,084 structures and damaged many more.”



January 10, 2023

Swipe: The Science Behind Why We Don’t Finish What We Start

In Swipe, psychologist and management consultant Tracy Maylett, and writer Tim Vandehey discuss what happens when we instinctively, unthinkingly divert our attention from something meaningful to us and refocus it on something low-risk and low-effort. Borrowing a term from the world of dating apps, they call this “Swiping,” as in swiping away from whatever is […]


January 3, 2023

History According to SAT: A Content Guide to SAT Reading and Writing

Author Elizabeth Breau undertakes the daunting task of encapsulating the key western concepts, events, causes and consequences that comprise the historical context for the SAT Reading and Writing college entrance exams. Her study guide is designed to help students connect “relevant background knowledge” with the rise of democratic ideologies so they can select the best […]


December 28, 2022

Pray in Combat When Your Mind is Off: Be Prayed Up

In this slim memoir, Martin Latigue recalls his military service in Vietnam, particularly one brutal battle in the Ia Drang Valley, later memorialized in the acclaimed book, We Were Soldiers Once…and Young.

The narrative begins with a gripping chapter about the death of the narrator’s brother, Wedges, killed while babysitting his niece in the company […]