June 6, 2023

Love and Death at the Encierro: A Harold Gatewood Mystery, Vol. 1

Hal Graff’s novel–the first in a planned series—finds a major league baseball player involved in an international affair that threatens his vacation, his return to baseball, and the woman who has drawn him towards a dark European revolution.

Harold Gatewood only wanted to live the all-American dream: grow up corn-fed and husky and become a […]


May 16, 2023

The Fifth Student: Brad Parker and Karen Richmond Book 6

What begins as a simple case of college students caught cheating on an exam soon emerges as a fast-paced murder mystery in Geoffrey M. Cooper’s The Fifth Student.

After lecturing at Maine State University, Brad Parker, a cancer biology research scientist and director of the nearby Maine Translational Research Institute (MTRI), is contacted by Penny […]


April 25, 2023

Secrets of the Rabbi’s Mafia

Irv Segal’s novel, the first in a planned series, introduces Jake Cooper, a former yeshivah student who becomes an unlikely detective.

Jake, divorced and having just left Chicago’s Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, dips his toe into the modern dating scene by attending a Jewish singles night. There, he meets Mindy, another former member of the insular […]


March 21, 2023

Jetsam: A Divemaster Ricky Adventure (Book 3)

No matter where Ricky Yamamoto scuba dives, she gets in hot water. In Jetsam however, most of the calamities she encounters aren’t aquatic.

In the third of Tracy Grogan’s Divemaster Ricky Adventures, Ricky leaves the Sinai Peninsula, where she’d previously led dives and narrowly escaped with her life. Now she’s headed for a gig in […]


March 21, 2023

On Lonesome Roads

Dan Flanigan’s On Lonesome Roads is the third in a series of hardboiled detective thrillers set in the 1980s. The stories focus on the exploits of Vietnam veteran turned private investigator Peter O’Keefe and his hazardous run-ins with law enforcement and the criminal underworld during his investigations.

As the story opens, O’Keefe is recovering from […]


March 21, 2023

Gillespie Field Groove

Corey Lynn Fayman’s highly entertaining Gillespie Field Groove is the fifth novel in a mystery series featuring musician-turned-gumshoe Rolly Waters, but can easily stand alone for newcomers.

Waters was once a guitarist in a local San Diego band on the precipice of the big time, but was derailed by a car accident and drugs and […]


January 3, 2023

Jack Tuesday

F. Nelson Smith’s immersive mystery Jack Tuesday involves corruption, retaliation and, of course, murder.

The first few pages of Jack Tuesday offer a glimpse into the protagonist’s past. Jack ran away from his mob family when he was 17. Twenty-one years later, after changing his name and following a stint in the Royal Canadian Dragoon, […]


December 20, 2022

Into The Realm

Todd Forrest’s Into the Realm is a murder mystery set on Cape Cod.

Forrest is a seventh-generation Cape Codder who apparently lives the credo “write what you know”: His novel is about Cape Cod’s land and people. The author is also a former commercial fisherman, and the story is deeply immersed in the life and […]


December 20, 2022

The Case of the Deadly Séance: A Detective Tom Grant Investigation

Detective Tom Grant is weeks away from retiring with the city of London, Ontario, Canada police department when he’s assigned to investigate the suspicious death of a teenage girl. As he pursues this and a later case, contemporary issues surface, including cyberbullying and the fentanyl crisis.

The often-shunned, overweight victim was the recipient of constant […]


December 6, 2022

Moon Luck: Living on the Moon in the near future

In this blend of mystery and science fiction, author Wayne Scott Harral focuses on 30 astronauts on a scientific journey. The story follows these scientists and explorers as they cultivate plants on the moon, search for ore deposits, conduct experiments, form emotional bonds and enmities—and navigate a murder.

The story is set in the foreseeable […]