March 21, 2023

Trust Yourself to Be All In: Safe to Love and Let Go

By sharing her lifetime of trauma and a “spiritual tapestry fabricated from the finest fibers of various belief systems,” including Eastern religion, New Age spirituality, and the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, the author encourages readers to face their pain and develop unconditional self-love in this book.

Amanda McKoy Flanagan’s shame began as a kindergartener with […]


February 7, 2023

Aging Wisely: Life from Fifty to Seventy-five Years

In Aging Wisely, Viola B. Mecke creates a two-part look at the aging process using her firsthand experiences and those of patients from her former psychology practice, among others.

In Part I, Mecke divides aging into four age categories, describing challenges faced and adjustments that need to be made, as well as benefits:

50-65: People […]


February 7, 2023

An Educator’s Guide to Personal Pride: How to Survive Discrimination and Find Success in Your Career

In An Educator’s Guide to Personal Pride, Larry Plummer discusses the many challenges teachers encounter, making their quest for acceptance, advancement and (at the college level) tenure such a treacherous journey.

Plummer posits that discrimination, favoritism and nepotism are rife in many teaching communities. He follows two fictitious characters – Andrew James Applicant and Latina […]


January 10, 2023

Your Way There (To Being Fully Alive): Concepts and Tools for Mindful Transformation

From her clinical practice and personal life as a daughter, wife, and mother, psychotherapist Gretta Keene provides valuable tools and an instruction manual to construct an authentic, fulfilling life.

Keene uses several profound questions to help the reader, as she’s helped herself and her patients, find reasons for and ways out of devastating circumstances: “How […]


January 3, 2023

Think Like A Molecule: Seeking Inspiration in the Structures of Thought

For as long as humans have formulated questions such as “what is reality?” and “what is my purpose?” there have been myriad variations on the answer. Author Chuck Champlin offers his own in Think Like a Molecule.

Champlin’s proposal is grounded in his thesis that everything in the universe is driven by a single force […]


November 8, 2022

New You! Who Knew?

Life-changing events — such as divorce or a loved one’s death — provide opportunities for self-growth. To use these events as such, self-motivation is key, writes author David Edwards. This requires developing two skills: self-efficacy and self-esteem, he believes.

Most of Edwards’ book describes how to hone these skills. Starting with exercises focused on identifying […]


October 17, 2022

Discovering The Great I AM: One Woman’s Journey to Find God

Part memoir, part spiritual and philosophical exploration, and part self-help manual, Sherry Griffith’s Discovering the Great I AM is aimed at those hoping to wake up from unconscious patterns and conditioning and make more informed, conscious, and joyful choices.

Griffith is a social worker and therapist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. She is deeply immersed […]