April 30, 2024

François: A Memoir

In this memoir, author Kyle Thomas Smith uses his brief experience with François, a charming, French documentary filmmaker, as a jumping-off point to explore many topics, including his childhood and emotionally abusive family, education and literary aspirations, work and rambling career path, and discovery of self-help books.

François is an insightful narrative of associations and […]


January 19, 2024

Forty Years to Life

Brenda Bradford Ward chronicles her lifelong struggles with gender identity conflict in this candid memoir. Spanning childhood to later life, she describes her painful efforts to suppress innate feelings of femininity to meet societal expectations of masculinity.

The book also examines the terminology, concepts, and estimated prevalence around transgender identities, arguing that gender identity is […]


March 1, 2021

No Blanks, No Pauses: A Path to Loving Self and Others

As chief equality and inclusion officer at Procter & Gamble, Shelly McNamara addresses many groups. No surprise, then, that her slim, polished memoir resembles a TED talk for readers. Her entertaining, inspiring stories about processing grief and overcoming prejudices are a testament of personal growth.

McNamara grew up outside Cleveland, the youngest of 15 children. […]


April 6, 2020

HomoAmerican: The Secret Society

HomoAmerican is an engaging memoir of an artist who has led a richly creative life as a ballet dancer, songwriter, escort, and actor who has lived all over the world.

Growing up poor in San Francisco in the ‘50s and ‘60s, Michael Dane falls in love with ballet and eventually moves to New York City […]


February 28, 2020

Boys’ Secrets and Men’s Loves: A Memoir

Mining his experience as a gay, Italian-American man raised in post-WWII America, David A.J. Richards uses art to explore how patriarchy damages boys as they develop into men.

Richards is a New York University professor of constitutional and criminal law. His meticulously researched book, with its wealth of secondary sources, weaves his life story with […]


January 21, 2019

Orientation and Choice: One Man’s Sexual Journey

In Orientation and Choice: One Man’s Sexual Journey, David Robinson examines his decision to eschew his homosexual desires for a heterosexual lifestyle.

Early in his teens, in the late ‘60s, Robinson was troubled by what he describes as homosexual urges. He was attracted to muscular classmates to the point of becoming sexually aroused […]


October 24, 2016

Hounded by God: A Gay Man’s Journey to Self-Acceptance, Love, and Relationship

This engaging memoir tells the story of a man’s attempt to reconcile his sexuality with his religion. Through excerpts from an unpublished autobiography and journal entries, the author, a gay man and devout Catholic, reveals the often-painful struggle he faced to integrate these disparate parts of himself.

Gentilini discusses how his mother “believed that I […]


August 20, 2012

Our Gay Son: A Christian Father’s Search for Truth

“Mum and Dad, I have something to tell you.” So began the conversation that upset David Robert-John’s comfortable life, nearly ended his marriage and ultimately derailed his evangelical Christian faith. In Our Gay Son, the author shares the painful spiritual process of reconciling his youngest son’s disclosure with his beliefs that homosexuality is an abomination […]