February 27, 2024

The Diary of a Sugarbaby

The Diary of a Sugarbaby is a harrowing dystopian novel about a young queer man enduring sexual slavery.

Dime lives in a future U.S. where everyone between 18 to 34 is a Minor and sexual property of an Elder (people 35 and older). Forbidden to work, read, write, or listen to music, Minors only serve […]


February 20, 2024


Bill VanPatten’s Refuge is a timely saga of finding family and overcoming prejudice.

It’s been six months since Jesse Pérez’s husband, David, died. Jesse is now on his own in their small California town to raise their ten-year-old son, Matthew, who is on the autism spectrum.

Jesse is shocked when his 15-year-old niece, Gloria, appears […]


July 25, 2023

American Scholar

American Scholar is a skillfully told, emotionally powerful tale about intellectual discovery and relationships.

The novel recounts one night in the life of James Fitzgerald, a literature professor celebrating the release of his novel about influential 20th century academic F.O. Matthiessen and his love affair with an older male artist. In alternating chapters that jump […]


August 22, 2022

Drawn Into Danger: Living on the Edge in the Sahara

Keith Costelloe’s new novel follows an Englishman in Algeria as he embraces a new way of life and finds himself involved in espionage.

The novel begins in 2021, when David Graham receives a phone call from an old acquaintance, Farid, whom he met during a youthful stay in Algeria. Farid is coming to town and […]


September 7, 2020

He’s kinda tall: Julian’s Sophomore Year, Part 2

He’s Kinda Tall is author Eldot’s latest installment of the adventures of Julian, a gay boy growing up in small-town North Carolina during the early 1960’s.

Picking up from the last novel, it follows the rest of Julian’s first semester in high school, as he’s chosen to help Kasey, a Black boy who will be […]


July 27, 2020


Verde Arzu’s Rainbow is a touching, coming-of-age story about learning to set aside other people’s expectations and live comfortably in your own skin.

Taylor is a hardworking basketball player at a historically black college who dreams of playing for the WNBA. After meeting fellow student Melony on a trip to D.C., Taylor is immediately attracted, […]


March 9, 2020

Uncovered Destinations

A sinister plot in Washington D.C. with links to WWII drives this quick-moving, same-sex, romantic-suspense novel peppered with unexpected and dangerous twists.

Micayla Webber is a famous classical pianist and widow of Peter, who died suddenly and mysteriously three years previously and fathered their teenage daughter, Ava. Two years later, Edmund, Peter’s business partner, asks […]


February 24, 2020

Snuck Past Death and Sleep

Snuck Past Death and Sleep is a highly detailed novel that follows four students through their first month at college in 1987, examining how their lives intertwine.

Lynn, a native of the town where Wasserman College is located, enrolls ten years after finishing high school to complete her music training. Craig has been taking classes […]


February 24, 2020

Walker’s Key

Sibling rivalry, murder, and family secrets form the heart of Frank B. Haddleton’s engaging debut, Walker’s Key.

Haddleton draws on his own family’s mysterious past and his obvious love of Florida’s West coast to offer a compelling, fast-paced mystery (think Dennis Lehane), an elegy to a bygone era, and an homage to the seafaring life.



August 12, 2019

Collision Course

Combining romance with complicated international intrigue, Collision Course is Jackie Collins meets Dan Brown, offering sexual tension, big money, human trafficking and right wing extremism.

And that’s just the first 100 pages.

The plot unfolds in cinematic bursts, beginning with filmmaker Bentley Thornton, who is ordered by his adoptive crime boss father to eliminate a […]


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