July 5, 2021

Adventures of an Eccentric: Short Stories About Many People

In Adventures of an Eccentric, Janet D. Porter shares vivid memories, poems, short essays and stories from her life experiences from birth to the present.

Porter’s book is a collection of vignettes, beginning with a mother who never expressed love for her and a father who once washed her mouth out with soap when she […]


June 28, 2021

Naughty Nonsense, Lascivious Limericks and Much More!

Former English teacher, chess champion and writer David Ellis has taken his lifetime collection of limericks, done a little updating, added a few new ones, and assembled them into this brief compilation.

True to the history of the art form, his limericks are often bawdy and politically incorrect. They cover a variety of topics — […]


May 9, 2021

it’s come to this: A Pandemic Diary

With equal measure of lively wit and solemnity, former New York Times columnist Laura Pedersen powerfully recalls the unprecedented events of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lest the dizzying rollercoaster ride of the pandemic become a blur of press conferences, toilet paper shortages, and, more seriously, a stupefying loss of life, Pedersen details 2020’s events, bringing new […]


June 8, 2020

Beautiful Belligerence

With Beautiful Belligerence, indie rocker Brent Beamer delivers an autobiographical account of four young men’s debauched weekend.

In 2013, Brent and his friends – Twain, Poe and Thompson – all in their 20s, are going nowhere in their hardscrabble Missouri town. They drown their disillusionment in, to varying degrees, alcohol, drugs, casual sex and football […]


May 25, 2020

Shorts That Fit Well: A Collection of Inspirational Short Storiesj

In Shorts That Fit Well, author Wayne E. Beyea has compiled a collection of what he calls “inspirational short stories.” He’s a witty, conversational writer who combines truth and fiction, humor and more serious pieces.

In his nonfiction pieces, Beyea shares stories of pets and how they came to join the family and of his […]


February 10, 2020

Elephants In My Room

Life’s lessons come through loud and clear in this delightful collection of 17 expressive, pointed, and humorous essays of the author’s life experiences.

Christie Nicholls holds a Ph.D. and works as a stand-up comedian and television-commercial actress. She describes Elephants in My Room as “a nice little collection of honest, if not humiliating, true stories […]


August 27, 2018

Moments to Ponder: A Collection of Inspirational, Humorous and General Wellbeing Quotes and Phrases to Make Your Day

Famous quotes and inspirational writings can provide a shift in perspective, a shot of confidence, or sometimes just a belly laugh. Robert Gesmundo collected many of his favorites into Moments to Ponder so they might inspire others.

Gesmundo includes inspirational quotes (the first lines of the Serenity Prayer open the collection), proverbs from […]


July 30, 2018

They Call Me Orange Juice: Stories and Essays

Regional differences in the U.S. can make states feel like foreign countries, and the differences are especially vivid in the American South. Author Audrey Atkins set out to demystify her life in Alabama with a blog called “Folkways Nowadays,” and has now collected several of those short pieces in a book. They Call Me […]


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