November 15, 2021

Plant Folklore: Myth or Truth

Connie L. Taylor’s book is the distillation of a lifetime of knowledge about the native and naturalized plants of Appalachia.

The plants in Plant Folklore, which is primarily a reference book, are divided into three sections: “Spring Wildflowers,” “Summer Wildflowers” and “Plants.” They are listed alphabetically by their most recognizable common name. The one- to […]


February 3, 2020

Stop Landscaping, Start Life-Scaping: A Guide to Ending the Rush-rush, Humdrum Approach to Landscape Development and Care

Monique Allen writes Stop Landscaping, Start Life-Scaping from the perspective of an experienced professional landscaper determined to help home gardeners build gardens they cannot resist.

Allen addresses the process from the beginning and into the future, including how to determine what kind of gardener you are, hiring appropriate landscape professionals (if needed), and making the […]


September 14, 2015

Exotic Tillandsia

Sim Eng Hiang’s photographic skill and passion for his tillandsia plants and floral arranging reveal themselves in every page of this stunning book that highlights these unusual floral creatures.

There are over 600 species of tillandsias, members of the large bromeliad family. Sometimes called “air plants” because they seemingly exist on air, tillandsias don’t really […]


January 19, 2015

An Architect’s Guide to Engineered Shading Solutions: The Next Generation in Window Coverings

Thirty years ago, Neil Gordon founded InSync Solar to provide the window covering industry with engineered shading devices and services. An Architect’s Guide to Engineered Shading Solutions provides the history and evolution of mechanical sun shading for architects and engineers and details options that are currently available.

The author defines “Engineered shading solutions” as “sustainable […]


November 24, 2014

How to Design Your Dream Home In 25 Years or Less!

In this helpful nonfiction book, the author gives a first-person account of designing her dream home over 25 years and offers suggestions for readers creating a similar house for retirement. Although not an architect or engineer, the author claims that a life-long interest in houses and floor plans inspired her to design her own home.