June 4, 2024

Selectively Lawless: The Story of Emmett Long, an American Original

Selectively Lawless is a short biographical novel about the life of Emmett Long. The son of itinerant sharecroppers, Long used legal and illegal means to build a life for himself in early 20th century Oklahoma.

Author Asa Duane Dunnington brings a personal connection to his writing, having been married to Long’s niece. In a prologue, […]


May 14, 2024

Staplewood Park

A blend of mystery and romance, Michelle Grahame’s historical novel, Staplewood Park, follows the romantic journey between a widow and lord as they work to uncover the identity of a man found injured on the side of the road.

During a break from school, Nicholas, son of Lord Charles Hargreaves, loses control of his horse-drawn […]


May 12, 2024

In Extremis

In Extremis—the second novel in Matt Duggan’s “The Rosy Dream” trilogy—spotlights the 1990s Los Angeles misadventures of Jack Darmody, an aspiring writer determined to forge an artistic legacy.

When Jack was seven years old, his parents died in a car accident, and the night is seared into his memory. Now it’s 2008, and Jack is […]


April 25, 2024

The Young Samaritan

This story—based on a little-known character in the Bible’s book of Mark who is following Jesus at the time he is arrested—focuses on a fictional Samaritan character named Joshua.

Young Joshua is forced to leave his home when his evil stepfather threatens his life. He ends up staying with an unfamiliar uncle who lives “just […]


April 23, 2024

Pathway to Glory

In Edmund Schiavoni’s novel Pathway To Glory, a discontented executive striving for money falls far from grace until a stranger’s guidance offers redemption.

Accountant Paul Stevens is tired of struggling to make ends meet. Approaching 40, he’s disillusioned with the philosophy of getting ahead through hard work. With a recent inheritance —and after overhearing a […]


April 17, 2024

Soldier in Germany

Soldier in Germany follows American serviceman Christopher Adams’ experiences in 1970s Germany during the height of the Cold War.

After barely surviving Vietnam, and with little desire to return home, Air Force sergeant Chris takes a posting in Germany, joining the ranks of U.S. servicemen carrying out military readiness preparations as threat of nuclear war […]


April 2, 2024

The Spanish Sacrifice

The sixth novel in Jay Perin’s projected seven-volume retelling of the Mahabarata continues the saga of the Sheppard, Barrons and Kingsley families’ battle for control of the world oil market.

After a brief prologue featuring elder statesman Temple vowing revenge at the funeral of an undisclosed decedent, the novel proper begins in 1998. Lilah (a […]


March 15, 2024

The Priest’s Wife: The Second Book of the Isle Fincara Trilogy

The Priest’s Wife is the second in A.G. Rivett’s speculative fiction trilogy, The Isle Fincara.

Change is coming to Caerpadraig with the introduction of Christianity to the island. Hugh, the village’s beloved priest, had integrated the new faith with beliefs in the old gods. But Hugh has died, and the new, celibate priest, Aidan, is […]


January 30, 2024

The Seaborne: The First Book of the Isle Fincara Trilogy

A.G. Rivett’s The Seaborne is speculative fiction about modern-day engineer John Finlay, who leaves a failed business and relationship behind by hiring onto a fishing boat heading into the Atlantic.

When John wakes from an accident he can’t remember, he has been dragged from the sea by fishermen from a small island village, 1,000 years in […]


January 30, 2024

Elly Robin: Bird in a Gilded Cage

Volume Five of P.D. Quaver’s The Ordeals of Elly Robin series sets teenage piano protégé, Elly Robin, in 1915 Chicago, a city of haves and have nots.

Elly is a quirky, engaging character, a taciturn piano protégé and mechanical whiz-kid who struggles in social contexts but, when asked directly, can give clear and cogent explanations […]