April 16, 2024

Creating Radiant Health: Keys to Releasing the Healing Power Within

Creating Radiant Health looks beyond traditional medicine to explore key holistic principles used to help promote natural healing and maintain health.

When diagnosed with a terminal leiomyosarcoma cancer in 2000, with the prognosis of a few months to live, author Jeanie Traub had already suffered from a range of neurological disorders, transient ischemic attacks and […]


April 9, 2024

When to Act and When to Refrain

The letters behind his name—Master American College of Physicians, Fellow Royal College of Physician— barely scratch the surface of Dr. Marvin J. Stone’s illustrious medical career. As he recalls his decades of medical practice, teaching and research, he prefaces this engaging memoir with the hope that readers will be inspired by the successes of the […]


March 5, 2024

Secrets of Healing the Brain

Based on two decades of research on nonconventional methods for healing a range of neurological conditions and illnesses—including his own challenges with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder—Secrets of Healing the Brain presents an extensive overview of holistic and natural therapeutic options.

Although Shady J. Srour’s background doesn’t involve medical training, he believes this all-encompassing compilation of alternative […]


December 25, 2023

The Type A Trap: Five Mindset Shifts to Beat Burnout and Transform Your Life

Everyone, whether high-achiever or everyday worker, is susceptible to burnout. Ignoring the signs of this condition, writes author Erin Stafford, can invite depression and other serious illnesses. In The Type A Trap, the author offers mindset shifts to reinvigorate oneself and prevent burnout from reoccurring.

The telltale signs of burnout include depleted energy levels, detachment […]


December 11, 2023

Healing Cancer: The Complete Way

Cancer or other serious health issues can awaken us to what’s important in our lives, posits motivational author and entrepreneur Lawrence Doochin in Healing Cancer: The Complete Way. A struggle against cancer, he believes, can lead us to higher spiritual perspectives and alter false beliefs about ourselves.

Although the author briefly discusses his adoption of […]


October 24, 2023

The Doctor’s Voice: Empowering Solutions to Physicians’ Frustrations, Burnout, and Healthcare Inefficiencies

Writing for physicians and others in the healthcare field in The Doctor’s Voice, acute care specialist, clinical director and consultant Pietro Emanuele Garbelli describes his lifetime of work in the UK, unveiling common sources of frustration and burnout that affect physicians worldwide. Yet Garbelli believes that these frustrations can be catalysts for improvement, empowering physicians […]


July 4, 2023

Turning Daily Struggle into Opportunities

When author Martin Van Helden was 18 years old, he was faced with the diagnosis of SLE/Sjogren, an auto-immune illness. Turning Daily Struggle into Opportunities is the result of his search to explore all options that could help him emotionally cope with its debilitating effects.

During the early chapters, the author exhorts his readers to […]


May 30, 2023

The Blossoming of Women: A Workbook on Growing from Older to Elder

How can a woman thrive in the latter part of her life? In interviews with women who chose growth and engagement over withdrawal and defeat, the author offers “three approaches that can guide us through the process of discovery and transformation.”

Karen Roberts refuses to accept the relegation of older women to the background, railing […]


May 30, 2023

The Ups and Downs of Growing Older: Beyond Seventy Years of Living

Psychologist Viola B. Mecke’s book, The Ups and Downs of Growing Older, offers her thoughts on living life after 70 and helpful suggestions to combat its challenges.

A psychologist with over 40 year’s experience in academic teaching and clinical practice, Mecke focuses her discussion on the period she terms the “oldest-old” phase of life, the […]


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