May 16, 2023

Life of a Nurse

At age 36 after two children, divorce and remarriage, the author reinvented her life by earning a BS in nursing. This account of her first 11 years in the field is compulsively readable as it details daily life on unnamed hospital wards ranging from sub-acute to psychiatric.

Alice Marlett’s engaging journal describes the typical and […]


April 25, 2023

They are going to kill us all: How the Corporate Elite are Killing You

Kevin Kazakevich’s They are going to kill us all doubles as a critique of the U.S. healthcare system and a promotion for his personal approach to preventative medicine.

Noting incorrectly that the U.S. spends $9,000 per capita on health care (currently it’s closer to $13,000), Kazakevich reports European countries spend half as much but enjoy […]


March 21, 2023

Living with Cancer

In 2015, Gayle Leslie Henderson was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Aiming to share her experience with other survivors, she has collected 14 of her essays on the spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of this new reality in Living with Cancer.

Henderson gets it. She understands the confusion, loss of control, and exhaustion that comes […]


March 14, 2023

The Caregiver: The Greatest Achievement of my Career and in Life

In this brief narrative, Troy Donahue Jackson shares the responsibilities, challenges and sacrifices he faces as caregiver for his chronically ill, 81-year-old mother Gloria, who suffers from heart failure, COPD, diabetes and immobility issues.

Jackson gave up his corporate job in 2020 to care for his ailing mother. He details the ER visits, special diet, […]


November 8, 2022

New You! Who Knew?

Life-changing events — such as divorce or a loved one’s death — provide opportunities for self-growth. To use these events as such, self-motivation is key, writes author David Edwards. This requires developing two skills: self-efficacy and self-esteem, he believes.

Most of Edwards’ book describes how to hone these skills. Starting with exercises focused on identifying […]


July 11, 2022

For the Hurt of My People: Original Conservatism and Better, Simpler Healthcare

All Americans are health insecure, writes family practice physician, author and healthcare activist Joseph Q. Jarvis. Whether it’s for their own healthcare or that of family members, Americans are forced to deal with a profit-driven, fundamentally broken healthcare system.

Americans already tax themselves enough to deliver basic healthcare to all, the author notes, yet the […]


May 30, 2022

Feel Better, Live Better

Brad Lucas’s book, Feel Better, Live Better: Short Topics to Change Your Lifestyle, offers a smorgasbord of tips for healthy living.

Lucas decided to change his life and become vegan after his parents’ deaths: his father from colon cancer at the age of 64, and his mother from heart disease (although she lived to be […]


April 25, 2022

The Healthcare Labyrinth: A Guide to Navigating Health Plans and Fixing American Health Insurance

Reforming America’s healthcare maze of intricate regulations, excessive costs and poor management will help ensure prosperity and better outcomes and provide for the well-being of future generations, writes Marc S. Ryan in The Healthcare Labyrinth.

Ryan is president of MHK, a healthcare software technology firm for health plans and pharmacy benefits managers. He also served […]


April 18, 2022

Holy Cow: The Miracle of Life’s First Food

In light of COVID-19, immune resiliency has become more important than ever, writes Douglas A. Wyatt, research director of the Vibrant Life Institute and founder of Sovereign Laboratories natural products. His answer to immune health challenges is bovine (cow) colostrum.

Colostrum is what mammals secrete before breast milk production commences. Wyatt discovered that bovine colostrum […]


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