March 7, 2022

Dark Cloud

The American Southwest becomes a dangerous place in Dark Cloud, Sandra Wolff’s post-apocalyptic graphic novel that combines fantasy, dystopian science fiction and intense character study.

In Wolff’s landscape, the world has been transformed by a cataclysmic event, turning the Southwest deserts into lawless territories ruled by warlords. Here, society is feudal, with small-scale tyrants ruling […]


November 18, 2019

Living Like “This”: Volume One, Section One

John Clark III’s artistic influences are clear in Living Like ‘This,’ the first section of the first volume of a graphic novel that tracks the exploits of a group of teenagers with extraordinary abilities.

This collection of vignettes about brother and sister Enmanuel and Autumn Summers and their compatriots Lynnwood Flores, Montrell Smith, and Hitomi […]