July 8, 2024

Letters to Evelyn

Letters to Evelyn is an unsettling blend of supposed memoir and science fiction about a man’s struggles in the military and in love before he encounters an alien civilization.

The book’s first sections, prefaced by a poem and letter to an unrequited love named Evelyn, purport to describe the life of John Jackson Selman III. […]


July 4, 2024

Return to the Lion’s Den

In this story, a man returns to his childhood home to make peace with his conflicted and violent past.

Daniel MacRae,18, has plans to leave home for college in the coming fall when he finds himself on a 911 call reporting that “… I think I just killed my father.” Daniel’s father, a Vietnam veteran, […]


June 14, 2024

Not That Kind of Call Girl

This tale revolves around two Mexican women, each with very different lives; one who struggles with everyday problems, the other who faces grave danger.

As the story opens, Julia Navarro-Nilsson is about to take maternity leave from her job as a supervisor at a newspaper call center and is looking to hire a new employee […]


June 11, 2024

A Memory of Fictions (or) Just Tiddy-Boom

In Leonce Gaiter’s autofiction novel, black male identity is artfully examined through the personal history of an aspiring black writer who dreams of Hollywood success.

Growing up an Army brat, Jessie Vincent Grandier III is used to feeling like an outsider. As the youngest child and only son in a family of five, Jessie’s close […]


May 14, 2024

The Yellow Diamond

In this Regency mystery and romance, a 28-year-old widow protects her ward’s dowry but loses her heart to a marquis.

Amanda Fletcher arrives at the home of the dowager Marchioness of Coverdale with her charges, Rosalie and Sir Piers Abbot, to prepare for Rosalie’s first London season. Having received anonymous notes demanding the return of […]


April 16, 2024

The Shift

Dual timelines 125 years apart set up this short but inventive science fiction novel as two women, one a single mother, the other a university professor, strive to protect their children in a world changed by the Shift.

Beth, a freelance fact-checker living in Lincoln, Ohio in 2019, decides on her 40th birthday to become […]


February 13, 2024

The Diving God

In Brian Ray Brewer’s The Diving God, an insurance underwriter seeks refuge in Mexico amidst a difficult divorce.

With the looming threat of losing everything to his soon-to-be ex-wife in the divorce, Bob Baker takes a trip to the Yucatan region of Mexico with his girlfriend and secretary, Kathy. While there, he discovers the Temple […]


February 13, 2024

When All Else Fails

In Michael Pulley’s novel When All Else Fails, a wealthy family is thrown into turmoil after the patriarch goes into business with the mob.

Developer Louis Lewis is a new evangelical Christian convert, which has upset his heavy-drinking, socialite wife, Arlette. Meanwhile, their daughter, Michelle, has just started college, where she’s been recruited for the […]


February 7, 2024

Journey to the Pacific: One Man’s Quest

A 19th century Northwest landscape provides the backdrop for Judith A. Perkins’ character-driven novel in which a young man from Illinois aims to move West, hoping to one day see the ocean.

When Clara Seevers learns her husband has died of dysentery while with his regiment and her two sons have been killed in the […]