August 15, 2023

Not That It Matters: but I thought you might like to know anyway

The subtitle of John E. Budzinski’s essay collection does a wonderful job of capturing its tone, as does a secondary subtitle: “stories and essays of dubious consequence.”

Budzinski, who worked as a freelance writer as a side gig, penned a column for a New Hampshire weekly newspaper for five years. This collection reprises some of […]


March 21, 2023

Speaking While Female: 75 Extraordinary Speeches by American Women

In Speaking While Female, Dana Rubin assembles a comprehensive anthology of vibrant female voices from over 200 years of American history.

Female orations, explains Rubin, were rarely published and generally excluded from the mostly male canon of America’s historical speeches. But women, too, were eyewitnesses to injustice and had something to say about it, she […]


October 10, 2022

Now and Then

Acclaimed essayist, artist, and fiction writer Salah el Moncef, a Kuwaiti-born professor teaching in France, reflects on the colonized imagination and the possibilities of transnational culture in this highly intelligent and intellectual collection.

The collection begins, unusually, with an introduction by American professor Stephan Watt that discusses the anthology’s two fiction works in relation to […]


October 5, 2020

The Art of Poet Philosopher

Cortez Brasean’s The Art of Poet Philosopher contains multiple parts: short philosophical statements, short stories, poems, and a section of miscellaneous reflections at the end. The back cover indicates that the text is autobiographical, sharing the author’s experiences, trials, tribulations, and learnings as a black man who grew up in the ‘90s in Tennessee.

The […]


September 21, 2020

The Bubbe Meise and Other Stories

With the ease of a practiced storyteller and an outrageously droll sense of humor, Aaron Zevy (“Ronnie” to his friends and family), presents an anthology of rollicking personal essays and fictional short stories in his latest offering: The Bubbe Meise and Other Stories.

Similar to a “Bubbe-meise,”(a Yiddish word meaning a grandmother’s fable or old […]


July 27, 2020

Conversations with Myself: Short Introspective Discussions About Life

Author Michael William Peterson writes that the idea for Conversations with Myself came to him on a golf course, when, after a particularly bad shot, he found himself not only talking to himself, but answering as well.

Here, he expands on the idea by taking what he says are seven personality types—all reflecting parts of […]


May 25, 2020

Shorts That Fit Well: A Collection of Inspirational Short Storiesj

In Shorts That Fit Well, author Wayne E. Beyea has compiled a collection of what he calls “inspirational short stories.” He’s a witty, conversational writer who combines truth and fiction, humor and more serious pieces.

In his nonfiction pieces, Beyea shares stories of pets and how they came to join the family and of his […]


April 27, 2020

New Yorkers: A Feisty People Who Will Unsettle, Madden, Amuse and Astonish You

New Yorkers, Clifford Browder’s tenth book, is a beguiling ode to the city he loves.

Browder, 92, fled Evanston, Illinois in 1953, and after nearly 70 years in Manhattan as graduate student, college French teacher, novelist and freelance editor to big-name publishing houses, he has earned the right to linger over the things that continue […]


February 10, 2020

Slow-Cooked Thoughts: Articles, Talks, Essays, One Old Poem, and Two Tales

Rohan De Soysa’s Slow-Cooked Thoughts is a miscellany of photography, essays, printed talks, a travelogue, a Buddhist poem and two tales.

Initially, De Soysa states, he had only planned to make copies of this collection for his children and grandchildren, but then he “thought of having it published in case it interested others, too.” The […]


October 14, 2019

Essays on Agricultural Economy: Nonexperimental Writings on Agricultural Policy and Development Administration in Nigeria

Nigeria’s economy is among the largest in Africa, with petroleum-related activities making up the lion’s share of its GDP and state revenues. However, most of its population is engaged in primarily subsistence agriculture. G.B. Ayoola addresses the agricultural sector in his compendium Essays on Agricultural Economy: Nonexperimental Writings on Agricultural Policy and Development Administration […]


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