May 9, 2023

Mistress Rebecca Arrives

A fictionalized memoir of sorts—the back cover described it as “inspired by the author’s personal experiences”—this short novel chronicles a transsexual woman’s carnal escapades as it relates to her journey of self-enlightenment.

Rebecca is a trans woman living as a submissive with a dominant trans woman Lilith. As the story begins, she’s leaving the relationship […]


April 25, 2023


D-FACT\OR is a fictionalized autobiography of a deeply disturbed woman who believes life on the street is the path to freedom.

The book centers on the fictional Liz Fitzgibbon and her lover Sarah. In an Introduction, the author implies that Fitzgibbon is an important historical figure, noting that her work “has every right to be […]


September 11, 2022

Sarah’s List

Denice Holt’s erotic romance novel Sarah’s List explores what happens when a wife’s sexual fantasies come to life.

After a girls’ night out with her best friend, Sarah comes home drunk, and in between throwing up the tequila shots she downed, she blurts out to her husband Jack that “I have a perfectly adequate sex […]


August 8, 2022

Wanda’s Tower

This fusion of erotic fiction and romance takes place largely in the early 1980s and chronicles the adventures of a traveling repair technician for a major telephone company whose life philosophy of sexual uninhibitedness and always seeking out the next horizon makes her a “female redneck Jack Kerouac.”

When Wanda was 16 years old and […]


May 11, 2020

The Past is Not Forgotten

The first installment in Keven Leslie’s series features two unlikely pop-culture superstars in an amalgam of mainstream thriller, metaphysical journey of enlightenment, and erotic romance genres.

When house husband Walter Lemon, 48, takes his wife Claire, their four children, and his son’s 19-year-old girlfriend Layla to Tampa for vacation, the group is accosted by criminals […]


April 29, 2019

The Naked Queen: A Tangential Arthurian Legend

The Naked Queen is an erotic story involving a traveler, Darien, who meets with a young King Arthur and recounts tales from his home country of Tabithia in Scandinavia.

The story Darien tells King Arthur opens with scenes of explicit sexual content. The King of Tabithia, Ballizar, has devised a terrible ritual whereby […]


November 20, 2018

Alice In Ultraland

Unique and otherworldly, Alice In Ultraland brings the burlesque nightlife alive, with a supernatural twist.

Alice is a stripper working the Moulin Rouge, a burlesque club with a throwback atmosphere. Her story isn’t about the dark underbelly of the stripping world, but of a young woman who appears to enjoy her job and […]


September 10, 2018

The Dating Policy

An entertaining and sensual erotic romance, The Dating Policy chronicles a complicated office romance and the emotional steps that one couple is willing to take to find love.

Mallory Kennedy takes her career seriously, a much different approach from the way she has handled her love life. Until now, she has avoided serious […]


June 12, 2017

The Making of Michael: ‘My Other Self’

David O. Rice has written several thrillers exploring the divide between good and evil. Here he offers an exceedingly violent, sexually graphic portrait of a serial killer.

The book opens with a treatise about the moral degradation of society, citing political leaders, celebrities, beauty pageants, and more. The plot begins at the North […]


June 5, 2017

The Amorous Postman

A young British man has sexual exploits at every turn in this narrative, reported on the back cover to be a mix of true and fictional events.

Protagonist Liam is a young man who still lives at home with his parents while working for the postal service. Women of diverse ages come on to him […]


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