October 17, 2023

On Censorship: A Public Librarian Examines Cancel Culture in the US

In On Censorship, a seasoned librarian offers sane, sensible advice on how to respond to the rising tide of book challenges in ways that encourage healthy discussion and intellectual growth.

Author James LaRue, former director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom and executive director of the Freedom to Read Foundation, begins by […]


January 23, 2023

That’s How Strong My Love Is: From Rock-n-Roll to James Dean

David Loehr’s That’s How Strong My Love Is is both a memoir and hagiography of growing up loving rock music and, later, the 1950s movie star James Dean.

The author grew up in western Massachusetts in the early 1960s, where he got hooked on AM Top 40 radio. By decade’s end, he was living in […]


November 29, 2022

Adoration and Pilgrimage: James Dean and Fairmount

Anthropologist James F. Hopgood draws on the tools of his trade for this study of James Dean fans, asking why a movie star who completed only three films before dying at age 24 in 1955 has drawn and retained such a loyal following.

Hopgood places the bulk of his attention on the town of Fairmount, […]


August 8, 2022

Baby Pictures: My Year on the Road with Baby Lester and the Buggybumpers

B. John Burns takes readers on a joyful nostalgia trip to 1976 with this account of his memorable year in a struggling Omaha, Nebraska-based band. This memoir conveys a transformational period in his young life, when gas was cheap and Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours was in heavy rotation on the car’s AM radio.

Burns’s Top 40 […]


January 17, 2022

Dem Haoles: Imagining Whiteness, Hawaiian Style

In Dem Haoles, author Brian M. Gilpin looks at how haoles (non-native Hawaiians—usually Caucasians) use media images to rationalize their discriminatory behavior.

Gilpin engagingly draws from short stories, travelogues, novels, television programs and movies to delineate six haole archetypes: “gods, demigods, saints, seekers, rogues and vagabonds.” Throughout the book, he examines how various media portray […]


December 20, 2021

Supply Chain 20/20: A Clear View on the Local Multiplier Effect for Book Lovers

Publishing professional Kim Staflund has produced several dozen short ebooks on making it as an author, covering subjects as diverse as publishing poetry and appropriately pricing an ebook. Her fourth full-length offering aims to outline all aspects of producing a book, from idea to marketing.

Staflund begins by examining the supply chain in general and […]


October 15, 2019

Radio Active

William O’Shaughnessy, owner and talk show host at community radio station WVOX-AM, has played an oversized role in New York politics and society for more than 50 years. From his perch outside New York City, the distinguished O’Shaughnessy has regularly hosted political big-wigs like Nelson Rockefeller, hobnobbed with neighbors like Jonathan Bush (brother and […]


June 17, 2019

I Can’t Believe I Lived the Whole Thing

There was a time when ad exec Howie Cohen’s words were spoken in almost every home and office across America. His fascinating, humorous memoir is sure to bring back memories for many as he recounts a remarkable career in advertising.

Cohen is probably best known as the advertising executive—advertising genius, really—who created two of the […]