January 3, 2023

History According to SAT: A Content Guide to SAT Reading and Writing

Author Elizabeth Breau undertakes the daunting task of encapsulating the key western concepts, events, causes and consequences that comprise the historical context for the SAT Reading and Writing college entrance exams. Her study guide is designed to help students connect “relevant background knowledge” with the rise of democratic ideologies so they can select the best […]


August 29, 2022

Moving Students from Potential to Performance

Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore, lauded educational leader and founder of Milwaukee’s Travis Academies, recounts her life’s work advocating for at-risk children in this motivational memoir.

Moore’s foray into teaching began after working as a counselor at a home for troubled girls. This sparked a passion for administering and designing alternative educational reassignment programs. Believing she […]


August 15, 2022

The Arecibo Antenna: The Truth Revealed

The average physics enthusiast may know about the Arecibo antenna, a cutting-edge radio telescope. However, in The Arecibo Antenna, Helias Doundoulakis posits that most people probably are woefully unaware of the antenna’s history and that his own brother George was its main design contributor.

The Arecibo antenna was designed to analyze distant electromagnetic waves. It […]


July 29, 2022

When Relationships Matter: A Socioemotional Approach to Teaching and Learning

In When Relationships Matter, elementary school teacher Crystal Tanyag Goins shares her strategies for classroom management in hopes of inspiring other public school teachers.

“Making connections with your students first is key” declares Goins, a parent and educator with ten years’ experience teaching young students. She builds these relationships on a classroom management framework she […]


November 1, 2021

In Pursuit of Creative Conflict Management: An Overview

In this academically oriented book, retired Seventh Day Adventist Minister Winston A. Richards offers a methodology to teach aspiring and practicing pastors how to deal with the many complex aspects of conflict encountered in the church environment.

Richards recognizes there’s a vast difference between learning to be a preacher through lectures and practice preaching and […]


August 23, 2021

Social Consciousness Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the study of the methodology of teaching—the actual theory and practice of education itself. In Social Consciousness Pedagogy, Charles Pidgeon posits a new pedagogy to teach individuals better awareness that they are part of the global community.

Pidgeon’s main thesis is that this awareness should be disconnected from religion or other external influence […]


July 5, 2021

When Are We Going to Teach Health?

In his new book, Duncan Van Dusen argues that health education should be integrated into the national K-12 curriculum, based on compelling evidence that “whole child” health programs create the most successful students.

Health education empowers students, writes Van Dusen, founder of CATCH, a global organization for training health educators. Positive health behaviors lead to […]


May 17, 2021

The Schoolhouse Experiment: Reimagining School at Home and in the Classroom

In The Schoolhouse Experiment, Pamela Beere Briggs fondly reflects on her two years home-schooling her daughter, Natalie McDonald, in order to share what she learned with parent-teachers and other educators.

Briggs and her husband, William McDonald, decided to opt out of a competitive, testing-focused atmosphere and teach Natalie at home during her seventh- and eighth-grade […]


March 15, 2021

Your, My, Our History

Forest Leigh Littke’s Your, My, Our History aims to combine history and Chinese language learning in one book.

Littke’s introduction, written in English without Mandarin translation, offers biblical and historical context to the origin of language in general and the Chinese language, in particular. The author also discusses some of his own experiences with China […]


February 1, 2021

MathBrain by BrainThink Learning

The BrainThink Learning system promoted in this book helps parents and teachers boost students’ learning by embracing creative play over standardized educational methods, encouraging true comprehension over memorization.

BrainThink Learning proposes that intelligence is dependent more on how a child’s brain is stimulated to develop than genetic makeup. By utilizing the power of deliberate, educational […]


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