April 2, 2024

A.C.E.S. for Students: Strategies for Success in the First Year of College and Beyond

Tracy G. Crump leverages her time spent as a first-generation college student and her professional experiences as a tenured professor, attorney, and entrepreneur to offer A.C.E.S for Students: Strategies for Success in the First Year of College and Beyond.

This guide—A.C.E.S stands for achievement-driven; capacity-informed; enthusiasm-oriented; and skill-building-focused—breaks down what’s needed for success into three […]


December 11, 2023

Monologues for Young Adults: 60 Original Monologues to Stand Out, Inspire, and Shine

Actor and casting director Mike Kimmel pens a collection of monologues for today’s aspiring young adult actors. Created for the audition process, Kimmel’s original pieces offer a refreshing variety of contemporary voices engaged in lively inner dialogue and self-reflection.

Written with performance in mind, the relatable, timely monologues bring a story of each speaker to […]


November 21, 2023

Help Them Learn with their Strengths: Case Studies of Students with Dyslexia

M. Susan Grogan presents a convincing case for adjusting school curriculum for dyslexic learners in this compilation of research on such students.

A common, much misunderstood learning disability, dyslexia presents as “a problem with getting to the basic sounds of language, processing speed, and sometimes working memory.” However, traditional assessments of academic progress for dyslexics, […]


October 17, 2023

On Censorship: A Public Librarian Examines Cancel Culture in the US

In On Censorship, a seasoned librarian offers sane, sensible advice on how to respond to the rising tide of book challenges in ways that encourage healthy discussion and intellectual growth.

Author James LaRue, former director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom and executive director of the Freedom to Read Foundation, begins by […]


August 15, 2023

Zen and the Art of Navigating College: An Inquiry into the True Nature of Education and the Power of Self-Discovery

In this guide for in-coming freshmen, Klein posits college can be either an “expensive distraction” or a rewarding journey into “self-knowledge” and offers insights on getting the most out of the investment.

He advises on selecting a college (“Be smart, don’t fall for” slick sales pitches; choosing a major (“It helps if your career choice […]


May 2, 2023

Higher Ground: My American Dreams and Nightmares in the Hidden Halls of Academia

Linda Katehi, the first female chancellor emerita of the University of California, Davis, exposes the cutthroat world of higher academia, including her battle against sexism, in this gripping memoir about persevering through relentless persecution.

Katehi grew up on the Greek island of Salamis in a family that was rich only in heritage. When she complained […]


January 3, 2023

History According to SAT: A Content Guide to SAT Reading and Writing

Author Elizabeth Breau undertakes the daunting task of encapsulating the key western concepts, events, causes and consequences that comprise the historical context for the SAT Reading and Writing college entrance exams. Her study guide is designed to help students connect “relevant background knowledge” with the rise of democratic ideologies so they can select the best […]


August 29, 2022

Moving Students from Potential to Performance

Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore, lauded educational leader and founder of Milwaukee’s Travis Academies, recounts her life’s work advocating for at-risk children in this motivational memoir.

Moore’s foray into teaching began after working as a counselor at a home for troubled girls. This sparked a passion for administering and designing alternative educational reassignment programs. Believing she […]


August 15, 2022

The Arecibo Antenna: The Truth Revealed

The average physics enthusiast may know about the Arecibo antenna, a cutting-edge radio telescope. However, in The Arecibo Antenna, Helias Doundoulakis posits that most people probably are woefully unaware of the antenna’s history and that his own brother George was its main design contributor.

The Arecibo antenna was designed to analyze distant electromagnetic waves. It […]


July 29, 2022

When Relationships Matter: A Socioemotional Approach to Teaching and Learning

In When Relationships Matter, elementary school teacher Crystal Tanyag Goins shares her strategies for classroom management in hopes of inspiring other public school teachers.

“Making connections with your students first is key” declares Goins, a parent and educator with ten years’ experience teaching young students. She builds these relationships on a classroom management framework she […]


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