March 6, 2017

The Torch

Although the word bildungsroman is used to describe a novel, it seems like a fitting description for Richard Mende’s screenplay, The Torch, which is by all accounts a story of one woman’s spiritual, psychological, and moral development.

The author notes that the screenplay is “a feature-length motion picture intended for major distribution.” Blending […]


December 29, 2014

The Parrot Tavern

The Parrot Tavern is a speculative drama, inspired, according to the book’s back cover, by the “love triangle alluded to” in Shakespeare’s sonnets. Many readers, scholars and authors are convinced that Shakespeare’s sonnets evince a deep (possibly sexual) love for another man. In this story, that triangle involves William, his possible male love interest and […]


March 10, 2014

Six Seconds From a Shot

This slim book is divided into two parts: one is a play, the other an extended poem.

The play’s cast includes two men, Peter and Jonathan, as well as a third man whose phone call is much anticipated. No context is provided for the extended conversation that takes place between Peter and Jonathan, which is […]


October 8, 2013

Shadows of the Ancestors

This drama in three acts, set in Umudimkpa, a fictional kingdom in pre-colonial Nigeria, is a tragedy in classic Greek style, complete with ritual, symbolism, gods, and themes of pride and power and love.

King Igwe has died, but “the journey to his ancestors…cannot commence” until Crown Prince Ifediba returns from the forest of Isibuke […]


September 30, 2013

Your Man Abednego: A Play in Four Parts

Part political satire, part tragicomedy, part sly fable, Your Man Abednego is a masterful play, set in the African warrior kingdom of Umudimkpa, where race relations between its inhabitants and British Colonialists are muddled and strained.

Beginning on the eve of Mgbe Dike, an annual festival only recently restored under colonial regime, this clever and […]