May 7, 2024

Stepping Stones for the Heart: Awakening with Jesus

In October 1999, Ann Paulson began receiving messages from angels, spiritual beings, and Jesus—whom she calls Jeshua— in a concentrated four-month span. “I suspect that you will need an open-mind as you hear my story,” she writes, unashamedly admitting to her own three-year struggle “to completely accept [this development], digest it, or even begin to […]


April 10, 2024

You Are His Masterpiece: Hope When Life Throws You a Curve, 2nd Edition

Judith Hewes comforts those who are grieving in this picture-book style message of God’s love for the brokenhearted.

Written to console a devastated mother after her baby was stillborn, Hewes’ message of God as the master designer of our lives aims to bring hope, comfort and peace to those suffering the loss of something precious. […]


November 27, 2023

Moving Forward Through His Love and Grace

In this poetry collection, Joan E. Gettry shares her insights, thoughts, affirmations, aspirations, and reveries on many of life’s sorrows and joys—all bound together by her deep devotion to God.

Gettry senses the mystery of God’s hand at work, writing in “God’s Plans for All of Us”: “God sets in motion for all of us/ […]


October 18, 2023

Why We Make Bad Choices: The God’s Labyrinth of Good and Evil Encountering the Self

Author Maria Liviero explores the idea that the evil side of God has influenced the collective conscience and affected our psyches in this book aimed at helping readers uncover their true selves, break free from addiction, and conquer problematic behaviors.

Through the story of two “Eves”—a modern-day character and the biblical Eve— transpersonal psychotherapist Liviero […]


June 27, 2023

Purses Everywhere

Susan Tillery offers seven basic financial principles to help individuals and allow them to better help others, in the short, effective, faith-based money guide Purses Everywhere.

The book’s title hints at Tillery’s goal of empowering women. She commits to donating any profits from sales to organizations that fight illegal trafficking of women and children. It’s […]


May 30, 2023

Blessings: A Devotional Inspired by the Imitation of Christ

Alan Carruth transforms Thomas à Kempis’s The Imitation of Christ into a modern-day devotional for the self-reflective Christian.

The Imitation of Christ, written in the 1400s by the Catholic monk, is considered one of the most widely read Christian handbooks. When retired anesthesiologist Carruth began studying the ancient book, he journaled his impressions and felt […]


March 28, 2023

The Dynamics of Change in the Human Race

John Pugh’s The Dynamics of Change in the Human Race explores the importance of Christian formation in shaping all aspects of a person’s life. Written as a guide for future therapists, analysts, and spiritual directors, the author stresses the need to identify the work of the Holy Spirit in ourselves and others to open a […]


May 2, 2022

52 Weeks

In 52 Weeks, Oscar C. Johnson takes a new approach to daily devotions with week-long topic studies for in-depth learning.

Where most devotionals introduce a new concept every day, Johnson gives “the reader something to focus on for more than one day.” In this versatile Bible study tool, Johnson focuses on one important aspect of […]


April 18, 2022

Journaling Through Grief

By reliving her personal journey through grief, author Connie Berg hopes to guide others who have suffered loss to experience heart-healing and find new hope for the life ahead.

Berg’s book provides opportunity for her readers to reflect, remember, and journal their thoughts and prayers as they move through the stages of grieving. Each page […]


April 18, 2022

Life Choices and Life Paths

Edward Craven encourages readers to choose a life path based on the biblical Fruits of the Spirit, in this devotional-style book for self-reflection and spiritual growth.

As a licensed professional counselor in Atlanta, Georgia, Craven has firsthand experience helping others overcome struggles that hinder a peaceful, productive life. In this brief look at issues like […]


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