January 17, 2022


The second installment in Kaylin McFarren’s Gehenna saga (after 2020’s Soul-Seeker) is set largely in the realm of Hell, blending biblical myth, dark fantasy, and erotica.

The story begins with teenager Samara Daemonium attending high school in the realm of Middle Earth—a place where angels and demons exist like humans. Her mother Ariel, a guardian […]


October 4, 2021

Kingdom Financing: The Heart of the King in Human Hands

Despite its title, Milton Maye’s Kingdom Financing is not focused on dollars and cents, but rather administration of all resources – spiritual and physical – to enhance success in pursuit of humankind’s ultimate destiny.

Rooted firmly in his Christian ethos, Maye endeavors to translate theological concepts so that they are more tangible. Although billed as […]


July 5, 2021

The Door to Sambucca

In Jim Robinson’s The Door to Sambucca, protagonist Nathan is a righteous man who was born into a wicked bloodline. Although he hasn’t seen his family since he was young, he embarks on a quest to detain his unholy nephew, brother, and father to prevent the tribulation of the End Times.

This story’s plot is […]


April 26, 2021

Mr. Smitty Notes: Genesis 1-11

In this slim book, author Mr. Smitty asserts to his young ward, Sammy, that something intrinsic has been lost and must be recovered. The concerned elder uses biblical commentary, hoping to empower Sammy to course-correct the world for the future.

A somewhat puzzling introduction claims that the book’s content is simultaneously discovered in the future, […]


March 15, 2021

The Miracle at St. Michael’s Church: The Apocalypse

Radu “Rudy” Gherghel’s apocalyptic novel explores what happens after a miraculous event in a St. Clair, Pennsylvania, church captures the world’s attention.

The brief story is told by a narrator watching events unfold. Hundreds of parishioners also witness the modern-day miracle on Easter Sunday, 2026 as an angel descends, filling the church with light and […]


December 28, 2020

The Billion Dollar Health Lie

Leo August, Jr.’s novel The Billion Dollar Health Lie aims to highlight problems within the pharmaceutical industry and federal oversight organizations.

The plot starts with a bang when a mother and father pick up their 13-year-old daughter from Christian summer camp to get her treatment for a severe sore throat. Although they prefer holistic remedies, […]


November 16, 2020

13 Days

In 13 Days, the sequel to The 13th Month, a diverse group of people embark on a battle against evil.

The story centers on a priest, a Native American shaman, an archaeologist from India, a professor and a psychiatrist – all tasked with battling dark entities called Shadows, an evil force waging war by placing […]


September 14, 2020

Enok and the Womb of Gods

Set in a world inhabited by gods, giants, humans, and primordial monstrosities, André SkoroBogáty’s novel explores ancient Biblical myth (specifically the Book of Enoch) in an antediluvian adventure.

The story revolves around Enok, a human enslaved by the Zmee: a race of sentient serpents living on an isolated island. Enok has educated himself over the […]


June 29, 2020

Nobody’s Mulligan

In Nobody’s Mulligan, Brian Holt presents a supernatural allegory about good versus evil, setting his tale in Grace’s Parrish, a once-good town now rife with debauchery and deplorable deeds.

Readers are introduced to three golfers: Brian Thomas, Paul Kessler and Michael Sheppard. Paul is an evil man intent on bringing Brian into his malevolent public […]


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