January 31, 2023

Overcoming: Personal Journey of Courage

In this brief memoir, Dokk Elle shares the struggles of poverty to prove that education, hard work, a positive attitude, and faith in God can bring about great change.

Elle – aka Larry Seawright – was born into an impoverished family. His biological father was a respected trustee in the local church, husband and father […]


November 15, 2022

Developing and Building the Mind and Heart of Christ Jesus (Within You)

“What will it take for each and every believer to develop the mind and heart of Christ Jesus?” Dr. David Garty asks in the Preface of his book. With this book, he continues, “I hope to create a process that we can follow…”

Garty’s offering, essentially a faith-based self-help book, is designed to be used […]


October 25, 2022

He Chose the Glory: The Life and Legacy of Obed-Edom

Louis McCall challenges Christian readers to forsake all and follow Jesus, through this brief retelling of the biblical account of the Ark of the Covenant and the clan who swore to protect it.

When it comes to great characters of the Bible, Obed-Edom probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind. Yet, McCall uses […]


April 18, 2022

Journaling Through Grief

By reliving her personal journey through grief, author Connie Berg hopes to guide others who have suffered loss to experience heart-healing and find new hope for the life ahead.

Berg’s book provides opportunity for her readers to reflect, remember, and journal their thoughts and prayers as they move through the stages of grieving. Each page […]


April 18, 2022

Seven Brief Lessons on Language

“Language is like a fruit,” writes author and translator Jonathan Dunne. “When it becomes ripe, it opens up to us to reveal its contents.” In Seven Brief Lessons on Language, Dunne waxes spiritual on the nature, efficacy, and power of words.

Dunne presents a series of short essays that thoughtfully and poetically challenge our ideas […]


March 14, 2022

The Ultimate Prayer Room Warrior: God’s Power on Display

Pastor Simeon Dixon shares highlights from a lifetime of miraculous experiences and encourages Christian readers to seek personal relationships with God through prayer, Bible study and fasting.

Dixon grew up in a large farming family in Jamaica. As a boy, he marveled as his mother’s prayers worked miraculous healings among him and his siblings. For […]


March 14, 2022

The Bible and Beyond

Proving that the Bible wasn’t written in a vacuum, Judith Marie Judy presents a sourcebook of the history, geography, and politics that surrounded and influenced Judaism and Christianity through their development over three millennia. Looking to unravel “the somewhat bewildering and overwhelming information of the Bible,” the author offers concise entries, timelines, and a glossary […]


February 28, 2022

God’s Whisper: Always Near

In this Christian-based book, author Sharon Williams shares brief personal experiences and thoughts that reflect the topic of each focused chapter.

Williams’s chapter titles include “New Starts,” “Our Amazing World,” “Image of God,” and more. She uses Scripture to discuss her perspective on each subject, with the hope of enlightening her readers about God’s closeness […]


November 15, 2021

Painful Knee Happy Heart: Children Book

In this helpful resource, Evangelist Elizabeth Akomolafe provides Christian parents with prayers for raising godly children.

As a Christian mother of four, Akomolafe understands the importance of praying over our children. She writes that “children pass through some challenges, and as parents, we must be there for them always with prayer and correction in love.” […]


November 1, 2021

Courage For My Journey: From Eternity To Eternity

Told largely in 36 letters written between 2000 and 2018, Courage For My Journey is a mix of travelogue, devotional and memoir, with splashes of world history thrown in.

Yvonne Riddick’s mother prophesied, when Riddick was only seven years old, that she would be a missionary. She didn’t begin mission work until age 50, however, […]