December 25, 2023

Martha May McKenzie and the Magic Cake Big Mistake!

In Brian Starr’s middle-grade book, an unconventional witch tries to use her magic to lift her family’s spirits as they deal with an unexpected death.

Within her mass of curly hair, Martha May McKenzie pulls out magical and non-magical objects and performs other astonishing tricks. One day after bewitching a boy to eat more vegetables, […]


April 11, 2022

Eudora Space Kid, Book Two: The Lobster Tale

In David Horn’s second chapter book in the Eudora Space Kid series, a precocious third-grader who lives in outer space plots to save the ship’s lobsters from being eaten.

Living on a massive spaceship provides ample opportunities for Eudora to pull pranks using her advanced technological skills—activities that often land her in the brig. She […]


February 24, 2020

Captain Bacon: Farmer’s Market

Illustrated with engaging black-and-white sketches, Captain Bacon: Farmers’ Market is a chapter book for early readers that follows a pirate captain—an anthropomorphic pig—through several adventures.

Bacon, a hard-charging pig with a peg leg, captains the pirate ship Squealer. Readers follow his takeover of Beaker, a ship manned by chickens, and a subsequent failed attempt to […]


January 6, 2020

The Life of Gus

The Life of Gus: The Dog with the Big Head is a heartwarming true story in chapter book format about a Houston street dog who eventually finds happiness with a loving family.

After being abandoned by his young owner, Timmy, Gus learns to fend for himself on the streets of Houston. While searching for food […]


May 27, 2019

Stories from Squirrel Hill: Book One

Stories from Squirrel Hill is a charming and engaging anthology of six tales whose characters are the stars of the show.

Madison lives near Briar Woo, a forest filled with adventures, where her friends are a cat named Kitty who loves to complain and two anthropomorphic stuffed animals: Ellie, an elephant prone to sticky situations, […]


May 6, 2019

Kelsey Fairy School

In this chapter book for young readers, a fairy learns to ask for help in order to protect her people.

Fedina is a fairy who, as the story opens, is thrilled to be headed off to her first day of fairy school. There, she’ll learn important skills like acrobatic flying, spellcasting, and baking—and she’ll finally […]


December 24, 2018

A Cat That Travels – Camper Style: Book 1

In the children’s chapter book A Cat That Travels – Camper Style, Jack McClellan introduces young readers to Campy, an inquisitive cat who loves to travel.

The Dodds are an American family traveling through Europe in a camper. When they visit Holland, they adopt a four-month-old kitten that the children, Tom and Cindy, name Campy […]


December 3, 2018

Little Moo’s Big Adventure

A lonely young calf longs to join the other cows he sees playing in the pasture across the road in Mona K. McVay’s children’s book Little Moo’s Big Adventure.

Day after day, Little Moo watches the cows across the road happily playing together. When he asks his mom if he can jump […]


September 3, 2018

Birds of a Feather

Tom Crice presents a touching tale of childhood, sorrow, remembrance, and renewal in his beautifully written picture book Birds of a Feather: A Children’s Story of Love, Loss, and What Came Next.

Crice serves as the first-person narrator in this book that is divided into five chapters. He uses finely honed, child-friendly sentences […]


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