August 22, 2022

Closing the Confidence Gap: Boost Your Peace, Your Potential, and Your Paycheck

Author Kelli Thompson, speaker and founder of the Clarity & Confidence Women’s Leadership Program, asked 500 women: “What would you do if you had more confidence?” Their answers help illustrate this encouraging guide for women looking to increase their career confidence.

Thompson left corporate America to be an entrepreneur and coach in 2019, realizing that […]


May 2, 2022

Dare To Be A Revolutionary Leader: People Are the Solution—Change Your Leadership Style

Are leaders born or made? According to author and leadership consultant Charley Swords, people have the capacity to grow and develop their capabilities to become transformational, “soul-centered” leaders.

Transformational leaders, Swords notes, put people first. For her, employees – not shareholders or customers – are the center of every business. She believes that businesses can […]


April 11, 2022

Great Work: Do What Matters Most Without Sacrificing Everything Else

We all have something keeping us from becoming our most fulfilled selves, claims cognitive psychologist and coach Amanda Crowell. Here, she explores how to discover one’s own “Great Work,” and then achieve it.

The author defines “Great Work” as that which matters most to someone. “[I]t might very well feel like your ‘reason for being […]


January 17, 2022

The Principle of 18, Getting the Most out of Every Stage of Your Life

In The Principle of 18, Eyal N. Danon creates a formula for maximizing happiness and success by dividing life into in five, 18-year stages, and detailing what’s most important in each stage.

Danon is a certified life coach and founder of a consulting company that works with Fortune 500 firms. Of his formula, he writes: […]


October 11, 2021

Unleashing My Superpowers: How to Navigate and Succeed in a Male-Dominated Mining Work Environment (STEM)

Dr. Patience Mpofu intricately braids strands of memoir, cultural and social history, mining insights, and career advice in Unleashing My Superpowers. As a Zimbabwean-born South African citizen with Lemba heritage, young Mpofu’s community believed that education and career achievements weren’t as valuable for women. Yet, she earned a PhD in mineral processing and served in […]


October 11, 2021

Composure: The Art of Executive Presence

Executive coaches Kate Purmal, Lee Epting and Joshua Isaac Smith work with ambitious, successful women whose confidence doesn’t match their achievements, leading to significant stress and anxiety. Using a series of case studies of executive clients, their book walks readers through the common causes of this lack of confidence and effective ways of building it […]


June 21, 2021

Two Secrets That Will Supercharge Your Path to Success

Proponents of positive thinking urge goal-seekers to dream big. Author Thomas “Andy” Bowdoin, Jr. echoes this idea in his book, arguing that the use of visualization and self-affirmation statements are the “secrets” for achieving goals.

Bowdoin’s book intertwines motivational lessons with his personal story: Throughout his career, he has used his advertising and marketing skills […]


October 15, 2018

Life Lessons on Leadership, Coaching and Culture

Keith Herling’s Life Lessons on Leadership, Coaching, and Culture is a guide for business owners on creating and maintaining a successful culture.  Less than 100 pages, it offers Hertling’s personal experiences with impactful coaches, first as a middle school football player and then through his work as the vice president of leadership, coaching, and […]


September 24, 2018

Compounding Your Confidence: Strategies to Expand Your Opportunities for Success

From the beginning of Compounding Your Confidence: Strategies to Expand Your Opportunities for SUCCESS, author Jill J. Johnson sets readers at ease with an “I’ve been there” approach that’s neither flippant nor condescending. “Confidence is an elusive characteristic for many of us as we journey through life and our careers,” she writes before assuring […]


August 13, 2018

The Rules

Before the social revolution beginning in the 1960s, books of etiquette and well-accepted manners ruled the lives of middle-class Americans. The decline in formality extended to the workplace, where the entry of people from diverse cultures and women into positions of authority changed the playbook, for many observers for the better. However, the erosion […]