January 30, 2024

Now, Near, Next: A Practical Guide for Mid-Career Women to Move from Professional Serendipity to Intentional Advancement

Self-development and leadership experts Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer and Kimberly K. Rath offer spirited, if familiar advice for mid-career women in this guide to doing—and succeeding in—the work of your dreams.

The authors are founders of Zeal of the Heal, a consulting service aimed at empowering women in their careers. Too often, the authors posit, women are […]


January 8, 2024

Engage!: How WD-40 Company Built the Engine of Positive Culture

Serial entrepreneur Stan Sewitch wasn’t interested in reentering the corporate world — until Garry Ridge, former CEO of WD-40, brought him on board as a consultant and partner, where he spent nine years, with a starting title of VP Global Organizational Development. It was the company’s values that attracted him, he says, and those values […]


December 18, 2023

Radical Humility: Be a Badass Leader and a Good Human

While the need for transparency and vulnerability in leadership is a well-worn topic in business books, Urs Koenig delivers a few fresh wrinkles in Radical Humility.

Koenig is a successful executive coach and keynote speaker who also draws insight into motivation and achievement from his impressive athletic background, including competing as an “ultracyclist” in cross-continent […]


December 11, 2023

The Power of Conscious Connection: 4 Habits to Transform How You Live and Lead

“LOVE” is the answer for successful leadership development and a more inclusive society, business consultant and entrepreneur Talia Fox posits in The Power of Conscious Connection.

“LOVE” stands for: Listen actively; Observe closely; live your Values, and Engage with emotional intelligence and cultural competence. These four habits, as taught to thousands of people via workshops […]


September 19, 2023

The Informational Interview Playbook: Creating a Path to Achieve Your Career Goals

Sports agent and entrepreneur Henry Organ presents his “personal playbook to getting ahead in life,” couched in the framework of advice on mastering the informational interview.

Organ credits his own success to learning how to knock these interviews—designed to allow job-seekers to make connections and learn about new industries—out of the park; he’s had more […]


August 8, 2023

The 5-Day Job Search: Proven Strategies to Answering Tough Interview Questions & Getting Multiple Job Offers

Annie Margarita Yang purports to offer job-seeking advice in this book that offers more personal information than professional.

Yang writes that when she was in her early 20s, she applied for accounting jobs in Boston and received three job offers within five days “without any conventional qualifications or experience” or a single accounting class. But […]


August 8, 2023

Better Decisions Faster: Unshakable Confidence When You Need It Most

When Paul Epstein served as a high-level executive for numerous NBA and NFL teams, he often needed to make rapid yet savvy decisions. In Better Decisions Faster, he provides clear structures to help readers do the same.

“The quality of business and the quality of life,” he writes, “comes down to two things: the decisions […]


July 18, 2023

The Successful Business Startup Action Guide: Lessons and Mistakes from an Entrepreneur on Building the Future, Starting Businesses, and Leading for Change

Entrepreneur Husam S. Alsaleh sets out advice for new entrepreneurs in this guide to starting, scaling, and expanding a business.

Alsaleh’s father launched a rental car business in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the 1970s, and his son caught the business-building bug from him. The author now serves on a variety of boards and has done […]


July 4, 2023

Turning Daily Struggle into Opportunities

When author Martin Van Helden was 18 years old, he was faced with the diagnosis of SLE/Sjogren, an auto-immune illness. Turning Daily Struggle into Opportunities is the result of his search to explore all options that could help him emotionally cope with its debilitating effects.

During the early chapters, the author exhorts his readers to […]


May 2, 2023

Get WalletWise Workbook: Proven and Powerful Personal Finance and Budgeting Tips for Finding Financial Freedom

Ken Remsen shares helpful tips and illuminating experiences from the world of everyday personal money management in Get WalletWise.

Although informative for any audience, the book caters to young people and those with little successful experience managing personal finances. Appropriately, significant discussion revolves around avoiding trouble with credit cards, high-interest loans and debt settlements, as […]


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