September 23, 2013

The Zodiac: Myths and Legends of the Stars

The zodiac can tell you much more than how pleasant your day will be or whether you’ll soon find true love. In this book, noted New Zealand astronomer Richard Hall makes the case that for thousands of years, the zodiac has been a key element in helping human beings understand their place in the universe.



May 21, 2012


Arete is the ancient Greek word for excellence or virtue. In his work by that name, author Zenius goes back to the ancients–and beyond–to discover what has made for excellence in civilization and what is needed for human survival to continue.

A professional engineer in the highway industry for 35 years, Zenius attempts a grandiose […]


April 16, 2012

Heaven’s Message: How to Read It Nowadays

Heaven’s Message explores natal astrology: the theory that astrology and genetics are intimately connected. Consequently, the author says, in order to fully understand a person’s character, relationships, career and health, an astrologist must interpret two charts: an epoch chart based on when the person was conceived, and a birth chart based on the date, time […]