April 18, 2023

Indiscernible Elements: Calcium

Part poetry, biography, fictional narrative, artwork and photography, Korynn Newville’s Indiscernible Elements: Calcium, is best described as an exhibition book where the book itself constitutes the exhibition.

Created in part to satisfy the requirements for a masters degree in the architecture program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the book works with […]


November 30, 2020

The Future of Buildings, Transportation and Power

With The Future of Buildings, Transportation and Power, Roger Duncan and Michael E. Weber deliver an impressively comprehensive analysis of what is both possible and practical for future buildings, energy systems, and modes of transportation, with an eye toward sustainability and global warming.

Each topic is given historical context. For instance, “at the end of […]


August 5, 2019

PPaP: Practicable Professional Architecture Practice

When you think of fine architecture, it’s unlikely that the building’s design development will come to mind. Yet veteran architects know that if that process falters, even the most creative of designs will ultimately fail. Enter Kalavati Somvanshi’s primer, PPaP: Practical Professional Architecture Practice.

The veteran architect’s PPaP seeks to marry ideal aspects […]


February 11, 2019

From Elephants To Skyscrapers

Few authors write with such unequivocal delight about their subject matter as Neill Lundgren does in her celebration of zoomorphic architecture, From Elephants to Skyscrapers. Lundgren features animal-shaped buildings from around the world and provides descriptive commentary and photographs for most.

The structures highlighted in this book include museums, restaurants, performance halls, houses […]


March 15, 2015

Pulse, Code, Modulation

Pulse, Code, Modulation offers a postmodernist attempt at deconstructing the distinction between architecture and building, while frequently detouring through hermeneutical questions about the sort of environments we’ve built around us.

It must be acknowledged up front that Pulse, Code, Modulation makes for challenging reading. The narrative includes some abnormalities of syntax, but the larger problem […]


January 19, 2015

An Architect’s Guide to Engineered Shading Solutions: The Next Generation in Window Coverings

Thirty years ago, Neil Gordon founded InSync Solar to provide the window covering industry with engineered shading devices and services. An Architect’s Guide to Engineered Shading Solutions provides the history and evolution of mechanical sun shading for architects and engineers and details options that are currently available.

The author defines “Engineered shading solutions” as “sustainable […]


November 11, 2013

America Gives, and America Takes

George C. Udeozor is a Nigerian-born U.S. citizen who spent nearly a decade in custody on charges he and his wife held a teenage Nigerian girl in involuntary servitude in the U.S. for five years. In 2008, Udeozor pled guilty in the case, which also included charges of physical and sexual abuse (his wife was […]